Tips to enjoy your time in quarantine. The pandemic of the new Covid-19 coronavirus led many people to be at home for an approximate period of 14 days to prevent crowding and the proliferation of the Covid-19 virus. Thus, many people tend to get bored and look for new tasks to do in this period that keeps the routine productive.

Still, have no idea how to make the most of your time in this quarantine period? We have separated 5 tips to enjoy your time in quarantine and still be productive and be able to do good to others, check it out!

Tips to enjoy your time in quarantine

1 - Whenever possible, offer help to your neighbors and older family members, of course in a way that does not bring risk to them! You can go to the market and pharmacies for them and leave the goods at their respective doors, making yourself available to these most vulnerable people, but don’t forget, always taking proper care, right?

2 - Talk to family, neighbors, and friends, even if it is at a distance, the important thing is that we all support each other and maintain ties. You can call and send messages! Even from a distance - to avoid contact and transmission of the Covid-19 virus, the important thing is to stay close!

3 - Try to do manual work! If you’ve always liked crafts, this time is perfect for taking a chance! Just be patient and persistent and you will love the result!

4 - Make a vegetable garden at home! Do you know that homemade spice that we always dream of having? How about researching more about care and start doing it?

5 - Separate clothes and shoes for the donation! Enjoy this time at home and separate those clothes and shoes that you no longer use, as soon as all of this is over, you can make your donation to people and institutions that need it!

You can still give gifts to your loved ones by sending the products to her home (e)! There is nothing better than feeling loved, even at a distance, right? Important dates like birthdays and other celebrations deserve to be remembered and we can help you! We deliver your gift directly to the comfort of that loved person’s home!

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