Yiiiihaaa!! Country fashion is a really huge trend nowadays. Well, it actually never dies just sleep for a while, but lately it’s become popular again, especially among woman since several famous celebrities use this fashions style such as Taylor Swift for example.

Country girls can be considered as free, casual but can also look very feminine at the same time, that’s what makes the Country Girl Fashion really appealing to some woman. So, are you interested in trying the Country Girl Fashion? Well, today is your lucky day because we will give you some tips on how to dress like a true country girl.

Country Girl Clothing Tips

Okay, let star this Country Girl Fashion tips from the clothing. First, you need to know what are clothing item that is popular to be used in country style fashions. Yes, Jeans! Jeans are a must, but jeans aren’t the only must have item for Country Girl Fashion. Summer one piece dresses are also very appropriate, and also flanel shirt with checkered pattern as well.

The summer dress however, can come in any pattern and colors, but the most popular one is plain white or floral pattern. Besides these items, there is one more item that you just can’t forget, yes, the Leather Boots. In country style you can use leather boots with almost anything, dresses, jeans, shorts, anything!

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Country Girl Hairstyle

In Country Girl Fashion hairstyle is also very important, however the choice of the hairstyle itself is quite varied. You can go with short hair, long hair, anything you like. But lately the most popular style is curly or wavy hair, just like Taylor Swift’s hairstyle. You can curl your hair if you want, but if you don’t like it, a straight hair is a great choice too. Try using some hair accessories if you like, a cowboy hat is a great choice and in country style they go along with any kind of clothes.

Country Girl Makeup

Now, it’s time for the most fun part of Country Girl Fashion, the makeup! For country girl style, you don’t have to wear a heavy makeup, the key is to keep your face fresh with a little bit of Sunkissed touch.

Using a natural eyeshadow such as brown is a nice choice, and keep your eyeliner thin because you want a really natural look. For the eyebrows, country girls usually have a natural eyebrow so it’s okay to make them look a little bit thicker using eyebrow tint. If you want, you can also add some fake freckles across your cheeks.