Famous Hollywood women celebrities love to put tattoos on her body, such as Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, and more. Having tattoo drawn on their beautiful skin is an ordinary for them. And sometimes, their tattoos have special meaning for them, for example Victoria Beckham put the initial of his husband’s name on her wrist to show how much she loves David Beckham.

Most women don’t like tattoo designs that cover all of their body, but they prefer the small ones. Small tattoo designs are believed will make the look more cool and chic. Besides that, it will not cover up women’s beautiful parts, so they are still look feminine and elegant.

The most popular design for small tattoo women put on their skin is initials or nick name, it can be their own names or their significant other’s name. More often they draw their parents name to show that they really love their parents. This tattoo design is pretty simple and chic. If you want to try this tattoo design, you can put it on your wrist, back of your neck, or your forearm. Remember that this is a small tattoo, so you can ask your artist to make it simple and to apply beautiful typeface.

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The second idea of small tattoo design is zodiac sign. All people must have zodiac sign, especially women who love to check zodiac prophecy on magazines or newspapers. Zodiac sign has specific form for each sign, for example design for Libra is different from Cancer and Sagittarius. You may try this design if you want to look different and cool with your small tattoo design. Put it on your back of the hand, upper arm, or near your ear.

Roses are women’s best symbol to characterize their personalities, beautiful but dangerous if you are not careful with the thorns. Rose tattoo design is popular among women who want to look more feminine. You may apply it on one side of your back, wrist, ankle, or just below your thumb.

For women who love music, or have hobby in music field can apply small music notation tattoo design on your ankle. This design accentuates your characteristic that you are interested with music and it shows your confidence that you are able to play instruments. You will look stylish and chic with this design.

Small tattoo designs fit perfectly your independent personality with simple designs. Don’t be afraid to try different designs to make you look more chic and cool.

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