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Common Mistakes in Selecting Lace Wigs



If you are into fashion, you probably have been familiar with lace wigs. Big names like Beyonce and Janet Jackson have been sported wearing these wigs for a few times.

The best thing about lace wigs is they hide imperfections on your hair. Whether you face thinning hair or frizz, it can be camouflaged perfectly with a lace wig. It can really hide flaws of hair, making it look thick ever again.

Even so, if someone wears it wrong, it will easily be noticeable with the naked eyes. That’s why it is important to know how to properly wear a lace wig and make it as a fashion statement.

Selecting Lace Wigs

Here are the common mistakes people usually do relating to lace wigs. The first issue is choosing a wrong adhesive. Many women think that adhesives are all the same. If you are under the same impression, fix right away because it is not true. Whenever you want to buy a wig, the first thing to understand is what kind of adhesive it comes with. There are a couple of adhesives and they work differently. Choosing a good adhesive should be based on the type of a lace wig and the amount you will wear.

There are so many different adhesive brands out there. Read consumer reviews or ask for advice from an expert in order to get the most suitable product. Another mistake women usually do is choosing a wrong type of wig. In general, there are two common choices, which are lace front and full lace wigs. The differences are quite self-explanatory. Just look at their names, you’ll be able to instantly recognize the differences. If you still feel uncertain, here we explain it to you. A lace front wig, as the name implies, has only lace all along the front section, which is stretching from the left ear to the right ear. In contrast, a full lace wig covers the entire hairline.

Selecting Lace Wigs 7
Selecting Lace Wigs 6
Selecting Lace Wigs 5
Selecting Lace Wigs 4
Selecting Lace Wigs 3
Selecting Lace Wigs 2

So, which one is better for you? It depends on your hair condition. If your hair is thick and healthy enough, a lace front wig may be more suitable. If it’s dealing with thinning on random areas, then a full lace wig is the better option. Besides, a full lace wig allows you to make ponytails and other styles without worrying about hair because it’s not your hair that is pulled tightly. Lace wigs are expensive. When you want to buy a full lace wig, make sure it is really a full lace wig. Many people are fooled for thinking a lace front wig as a full lace wig. The pictures shown on the website are really deceptive, so be careful.

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Natural makeup step by step | Fashion tips



Natural makeup step by step | Fashion tips

The last? An almost imperceptible makeup that highlights your beauty without being noticed. A fresh image that is achieved through correct products and precise amounts that adjust to your skin. Bet on naturalness.

Before putting on makeup you must prepare your skin well. It is necessary to start from a good base for the result to be perfect. To do this, always keep it well clean and hydrated by incorporating these steps into your facial routine:

  • Remove make-up well from the skin every night with micellar water.
  • Use a cleansing gel in the morning and at night to thoroughly cleanse your skin.
  • It is the turn of the creams. Apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Before this, you can incorporate into your routine other products that prepare, care for and protect your skin: facial toner, serum and eye contour, in this order.

Once we have clean and hydrated skin, it is time to start with makeup, step by step:

1. Corrector

Apply a little concealer in the area of ​​the dark circles and to hide any imperfections.
The first step is to hide small defects with a concealer. They come in different formats: pencil, palette, cream, bar … There are also different colours. Apply a green colour for pimples and redness or yellow to neutralize bruises and dark circles.

2. Make-up base

The makeup base with a fluid texture is the ideal one to achieve a more natural effect since if it is very compact it is too noticeable. The key is to choose the colour closest to your skin to match the tone without the makeup show. For application, use a damp sponge and blend the foundation on the skin to give it a more uniform appearance.
Choose makeup base according to your skinChoose makeup base according to your skin
Tips to find the right colour and texture of the makeup base appropriate for your skin and achieve a perfect finish that hides flaws without anyone noticing.

3. Blush and/or bronzing powder

Blush and / or bronzing powder.
Get rosy cheeks with a soft pink or peach blush. The goal is to make it look like it was the sun and not the makeup that gave your skin that tone. Avoid the overloaded effect and dark or brown blushes if you have pale skin.

You can also use bronzer or sun powder to contour the face. Apply a little to the forehead area, on the cheeks and under the jaw bone.

4. Eye shadows and mascara

Get a pure and intense look without going overboard with makeup. Apply a thin layer of eyeshadow to the lids. In general, always choose a natural range of colours, such as browns, then draw a subtle line with an eyeliner or eyeliner and apply mascara.
How to make the perfect eyelinerHow to make the perfect eyeliner
Are you afraid of doing the eye line? Can you never get both eyes the same? Learn how to make the perfect eyeliner in three steps, what are the most common mistakes and some tricks.
How to apply eyeshadow step by stepHow to apply eyeshadow step by step
We teach you how to do your eyes like a professional in simple steps.

5. Lips

To get juicy lips you must keep them well hydrated. Sign up for the shine that also adds volume and choose the lipstick over the liner that is more artificial. As for the tones, choose nude or pink colours when looking for natural makeup like this for the day today.

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Fashion looks for back to class | School fashion



Fashion looks for back to class | School fashion

We propose 6 fashionable looks and some tips to be comfortable and simple, without losing style.

Back to class! For a youthful and carefree look, we propose several key garments to combine the different days of the week: sports dresses and skirts with sweatshirts, shirts, crop tops, shirts, comfortable shoes such as sneakers, ankle boots and biker boots. And of course … the backpack! Which becomes an indispensable complement to carry your books, notebooks and cases.

Fashion looks to go to class

The Asos fashion store offers us 6 looks to go to class with a skirt, sports dress, dungarees or pinafore.

Skirt + sweatshirt. A short pleated skirt with sweatshirt, shoes and backpack.

Skirt + denim jacket. For cooler days add a denim jacket to the look and if you want to be more comfortable, change shoes for sneakers.

look go to class

Plaid skirt + shirt. A fitted skirt with a basic shirt and an open plaid shirt, wear it with ankle boots.

look go to class

Midi skirt + top. Combine high-waisted knee-length midi skirt with a wide crop top. On the feet platform and high-heeled sandals.

look school go to class

Breastplate. For a rocker look, go for the blackest jeans like this look with bib, T-shirt and biker boots.

looks fashion go to class

Pichi. Combine your jumper with a long-sleeved shirt and rubber ankle boots for rainy days.

To complete the look also …

pigtail hairstylesHairstyles to go to class

Before going to class we usually walk with just enough time, so the most practical thing is to bet on easy and quick hairstyles to do. Dare to go to class differently every day of the week with a new look with semi-updos, bows and braided pigtails.

makeup glassesManicure to go to class

Dazzle with a special manicure of pencils, notebooks, blackboards, letters and numbers … With coloured polishes and a brush, create your nail design to be student 10 in subjects and style!

Natural makeupNatural makeup

If you don’t want to go to class with your face washed, you can apply a makeup base that matches your skin tone over the moisturizing cream and add strategic touches of makeup, very natural, almost imperceptible, such as giving a little blush on the cheekbones outline the upper lash line, apply a lip gloss …

And if you wear glasses to read or see the blackboard …

glasses frameGlasses frame shape according to your face.
Do you know which model of glasses suits you? Look at yourself in the mirror and notice the shape of your face. Plus, there are little tricks to draw attention away from your flaws like a prominent nose. We tell you.
makeup glassesStrategic makeup
In addition to choosing an appropriate model of glasses for your face, strategic makeup can help you get the most out of your glasses. They give you an interesting air that with the right makeup translates into an image … super sexy!

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Fashion Ideas

The Christmas pyjamas that the whole family will want



The Christmas pyjamas that the whole family will want

If this Christmas you want to create an atmosphere at home, you cannot miss the Christmas pyjamas! These are the coolest outfits to be with as a family, from parents to children, even our pets!

We know that this Christmas 2020-2021 will be different. We will spend more time at home and although these are difficult times and we may not be able to be with all our loved ones, we do not have to lose hope.

We can take the opportunity to do things that perhaps we did not have as much time before, such as decorating the house, playing with the kids, watching movies together, doing Christmas crafts, cooking new dishes … What do you think if we inject some enthusiasm into these moments? Get yourself some Christmas pyjamas!

The Christmas pyjamas arrive in winter to give a fun touch to our walk around the house, designs to go with the family that children (and not so children) will love. Santa Claus, reindeer and elves, fir trees, snowflakes … they are printed on warm and soft fabrics that you will not want to take off even for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinner. A fun idea to enjoy with your loved ones, for parents, children or babies … even for the dog!

family Christmas pajamas - parents, children and pets

Set 1: Christmas pyjamas in red with drawings of Santa Claus.
Set 2: Christmas pyjamas with checked trousers and a T-shirt of Rudolf, Santa’s reindeer.

How to choose your Christmas pyjamas online

Doing your Christmas shopping online has several advantages, from the convenience of being brought home without having to go to the stores, to finding more exclusive or different models adapted to your taste at very affordable prices such as the Black Friday Deals. But how do you get your choice right? There are times when we get carried away by the impulse to buy and we don’t look at the details to make the purchase right.

Christmas shopping online

4 things to look for before buying pyjamas online

  • Look at the composition. Always pay attention to the composition of the fabrics and try to choose organic materials such as cotton or flannel (warmer for winter), since synthetic materials do not allow the skin to breathe well.
  • Choose the appropriate size. Not too big or narrow, the right one for you. For this, you must look at the details of the product since not all brands and countries have the same size, as a guide they usually include a table of equivalences of the sizes that correspond to the body measurements of each country. Before ordering, check the equivalences.
  • Design. In addition to the fabric and size, it’s time to choose a design! From the most elegant to the most fun, take advantage of the plurality that the Internet offers you to find the model that suits you.
  • Opinions. The photos can be more or less faithful to the real product. The opinions and evaluations of the buyers are of great help to get it right, they even send photos of the product received and guide comments that are of great help.

tips for choosing Christmas pajamas

The Christmas pyjamas that the whole family will want

You sure see and love them! Colourful Christmas pyjamas for parents, children and even pets. Red as the star colour of Christmas is combined with green, white, grey, black … to give life to your outfits. Plaid and striped patterns triumph like a family of elves.

Christmas Family Pajamas - Plaid

Pants and pyjama tops are filled with Christmas drawings and images with fir trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, snowflakes …

family christmas pajamas

And Christmas messages! The tops of Christmas pyjamas are filled with messages to give us encouragement and strength for the new year.

family christmas pajamas

And you, do you already have your pyjamas for this Christmas 2020-2021?

Also, Check our beauty and health-related blog at internetwish

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