If you are into fashion, you probably have been familiar with lace wigs. Big names like Beyonce and Janet Jackson have been sported wearing these wigs for a few times.

The best thing about lace wigs is they hide imperfections on your hair. Whether you face thinning hair or frizz, it can be camouflaged perfectly with a lace wig. It can really hide flaws of hair, making it look thick ever again.

Even so, if someone wears it wrong, it will easily be noticeable with the naked eyes. That’s why it is important to know how to properly wear a lace wig and make it as a fashion statement.

Here are the common mistakes people usually do relating to lace wigs. The first issue is choosing a wrong adhesive. Many women think that adhesives are all the same. If you are under the same impression, fix right away because it is not true. Whenever you want to buy a wig, the first thing to understand is what kind of adhesive it comes with. There are a couple of adhesives and they work differently. Choosing a good adhesive should be based on the type of a lace wig and the amount you will wear.

There are so many different adhesive brands out there. Read consumer reviews or ask for advice from an expert in order to get the most suitable product. Another mistake women usually do is choosing a wrong type of wig. In general, there are two common choices, which are lace front and full lace wigs. The differences are quite self-explanatory. Just look at their names, you’ll be able to instantly recognize the differences. If you still feel uncertain, here we explain it to you. A lace front wig, as the name implies, has only lace all along the front section, which is stretching from the left ear to the right ear. In contrast, a full lace wig covers the entire hairline.

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So, which one is better for you? It depends on your hair condition. If your hair is thick and healthy enough, a lace front wig may be more suitable. If it’s dealing with thinning on random areas, then a full lace wig is the better option. Besides, a full lace wig allows you to make ponytails and other styles without worrying about hair because it’s not your hair that is pulled tightly. Lace wigs are expensive. When you want to buy a full lace wig, make sure it is really a full lace wig. Many people are fooled for thinking a lace front wig as a full lace wig. The pictures shown on the website are really deceptive, so be careful.