Nowadays, a comfortable look is very important, isn’t it? With the routine of work, studies, and personal life, it is not always possible to stay on top of the jump all week. Here are some tips for a comfortable look without losing style.

The good news is that you can look very stylish and bet on comfortable pieces to put together your looks. Want to learn? Then keep reading this post!

1.Bet on the overlays

With the overlap in their looks, it is possible to leave the basic look with more glamor. Increase the pair of Jeans + T-shirts with a 3rd or 4th piece, you will notice that the basic of the piece has been abandoned for a more stylish look and with much comfort.

Try using the white t-shirt with an open shirt on top and a blazer, the result is beautiful, and to invest this look in your work you can complement it with a round toe bottero sneaker that will bring a feminine and modern touch to your look!

2.Different modeling of pants

When it comes to versatility, the pants hit the spot in looks of almost every style. After all, regardless of her modeling, she is always wild. But here the goal is to put comfort in the foreground, so the broader models are the ones that reign in today’s post.

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Pantaloons and pantacourts are preferred. Because they are looser on the legs, they guarantee movement and uncomplicated air. It is worth betting not only on versions with a more neutral and timeless palette but also on printed models to innovate. For feet, it is worth investing in sandals that range from flat models to those with Anabela heels. As we are talking about comfort, invest in modare sandals with Anabela heels that the look will be accurate.

3.The power of accessories

The accessories change any outfit, giving more style and personality, completely changing the face of her look. Only with them, you get a cleaner look for the day-to-day or even a perfect look for the night.

You will notice that the pair of jeans + t-shirt will gain a more modern look. Even the scarf you can use in a variety of ways.

4.Comfortable and stylish looks on the catwalk

What counts is to incorporate your favorite pieces into everyday life and leave comfort in the foreground. A comfortable look has the power to embrace in many ways, whatever the fabric or texture. So choose your comfortable essentials, the ones that most gave your body freedom of movement. The important thing is to get to know and understand what works for you, whether in the trim or touch. In the end, the best choices are those that bring more lightness to your moments(comfortable look without losing style).

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