Face the cold in style by combining a trench coat and a scarf. Take note!

Many times we see a woman dressed in style and we wonder what she has and what is her secret. Dressing in style is not wearing a pretty piece of clothing in isolation, but knowing how to wear it in a harmonious, well-combined ensemble. Without excesses or defects. Applying quality when dressing maybe thanks to always be beautiful without being tied to the style trends of the instant. In this styling tip, we suggest you combine the raincoat with a basic accessory for the neck: the scarf.

Matching trench coat and handkerchief colour

The colour of your trench coat and scarf can either dull or brighten your face. Dark tones stylize the upper a part of the trunk but can harden the features of the face, while warm or intense colours give light. Look at your skin and hair tone to get your colour right:

Fair skin and light hair: Go for black, grey, blue, maroon, dark, or green. Avoid yellow, orange or beige.
Light skin and dark hair: Go for black, khaki green, red, fuchsia, and electric blue. Avoid white, beige, and pastel shades.
Brown skin and light hair: Go for red, orange, brown, beige and green. Avoid black, navy, garnet and white.
Brown skin and dark hair: Go for grey, orange, navy, pink, and bottle green. Avoid yellows and beige.

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Tips from neckerchiefs

The fabric and length of the scarf are key to styling. Thick fabrics such as wool fatten the neck while light pashmina and silks stylize it. Besides, the way of wearing the scarf also influences, a long scarf hanging from the neck in a straight line lengthens the figure, while a short one tied around the neck shortens it.

…. And at the bottom, what do I wear? To stylize your figure, accompany your trench coat and coloured scarf underneath with a solid colour set in a dark colour, they can be pants, a midi dress or a skirt to the length of the trench. If you wear footwear with the same colour as the pants, you will multiply the “infinite legs” effect.

Inspirational looks with a trench coat and scarf

A plain trench coat gives a lot of play! You can combine it with plain scarves for a mono-colour or patterned look in the same range of tones as the raincoat, bag, pants …

comment porter un foulard hotesse de l'air, femme élégante

Scarf Encontrado en crushculdesac.tumblr.com

I like the way the pattern of the scarf and the stripes on the shirt along with the black skirt all work together. Visually interesting

Camel Suede Trench Chic Style by The Golden Diamonds