Combine Floral Shoes. It is not today that flowers have a marked presence in the fashion world. They look a delicate and romantic touch and, depending on the type of combination, leave the urban style more authentic and stripped down. So, whether in bags, clothes, or accessories, flowers are always a good choice for those who want to rock the looks. Today, we bring you some tips for using floral shoes in different styles and at any time of the day. Check out!

Combine floral shoes in basic compositions

The trend of floral shoes is so strong that, today, it is possible to find it in countless models of shoes, such as sneakers, sandals, flat shoes, boots, and pumps. In addition, the print gains in versatility and can be seen in flowers of numerous sizes and colors.

In the most basic productions, which are ideal for everyday life, betting on short jeans with a tank top is always a good option. On the feet, Anabela sandals or slide slippers give a modern tone to the composition.

Now, if the idea is to invest in a more casual look, nothing better than betting on jeans with a neutral T-shirt. You can opt for sneakers or sneakers with embroidery in flowers.

Bet on floral in elegant and sophisticated looks

Floral Shoes

For those who want to innovate in the most sophisticated compositions, floral shoes are great options. In this case, the idea is to invest in neutral and discreet pieces, since the shoe will be in evidence. Another tip is to bet on the most discreet accessories, so as not to leave the production loaded.

The main care when using flowered shoes is to ensure the harmony of the look. On formal occasions, pay attention to the size of the print. The larger ones draw more attention and should be used in more conceptual productions. The smaller ones, being discreet, give a sophisticated and modern look.

Wear floral shoes to go to work

That floral shoes are part of superstitious looks, you can already see. But, it is not only in chic and stripped-down compositions that they are welcome.

For the work environment, they are also indicated. In that case, opt for models that have a lighter background, combining them with white clothes. Finish with a colorful pouch.

If you prefer the girlie and romantic style well, bet on Patna court skirt with a  scarping flowery. At the top, invest in a shirt that has the color of one of the shoe’s details, balancing the look.

Did you see how floral shoes combine with different compositions? To create more and more modern and authentic looks, choose the model that most represents your style and rock it!

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