Colored Stripes. Directly from the 1990s, looks with colored stripes returned like a real fever. This type of patterning has never gone out of style, however, in recent seasons it has gained more prominence, mainly for escaping the basic black and white.

How to use colored stripes in your looks?

As every good fashionista keeps an eye on trends and we know you want to stay on top of the news, this article will serve as a small guide.

Thus, you will have new ideas for your productions with much more practicality. Check it out and get started right now!

Stripes with stripes

Mixing colored stripes with neutral pieces is basic. But, if you want something with more fashion information, bet on pieces with the same pattern. If you are wondering if it is possible to put together a beautiful look with this proposal, the answer is yes!

The trick is to try to build visuals with different directions. For example: how about using a syrup with vertical stripes and a blouse with horizontal stripes? Another idea is to mix the colors, so one piece follows an aesthetic line, and the other breaks the predictability of the look.

Stripes with dust

Imagine the two prints that are among the most beloved and traditional in the world together! Yes, the famous marbles form a perfect match when combined with the colorful stripes of the moment.

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A good idea of ​​a look is a midi skirt with a striped shirt tied at the waist. Thus it forms a retro and very delicate composition!

Stripes with one of the pattern colors

Which color stripe piece do you have? Blue and yellow? Red and green? Choose one of them to make a counterpoint to the other item. If your blouse is with caramel and pink stripes, for example, you can choose a skirt with one of these two shades to finish off the look.