Slits. Are there more powerful pieces than clothes with slits? If you want to rock around with unique and surprising items, see the selection we made for you with three different possibilities of looks with them. Check it out and find out!

1. Slotted clothes for elegant parties

When we think of clothes with slits, the first image that comes to our minds is the elegant long party dresses with powerful side cuts, isn’t it? If you want to have a different touch in your look, having a piece like this in your wardrobe is an excellent idea.

Bet on finer fabrics and ensure a beautiful shoe to complement the look. After all, with the side slit, one of the great highlights of any combination of clothes ends up being the chosen shoes.

2. Dress with a slit for everyday life

Contrary to what many people think, clothes with slits are not exclusively used in formal or sophisticated environments. Some dresses may well be part of more casual combinations for everyday life.

Bet on cotton and lighter and more comfortable fabrics, which provide lightness to your look. A good idea is to choose models of short or long dresses with floral prints, for example. Thus, the slit mixes with the print creating a beautiful effect!

3. Rocking with a mini skirt with a slit

Do you want to dare a little more with a piece, unlike anything you have in your wardrobe? Bet on a slit mini skirt! Of course, the shorter the length, the smaller the gap. However, this type of item has a very special charm, especially when we are walking.

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Choose a skirt more adjusted to the body and finish off with “rotten” t-shirts or any type of blouse that is wider on the body.