A piece that was a great trend of the 90s and now is back at the feet of fashionistas: the beautiful and eternal clog. When the mules returned last year, the clogs also hitched a ride. The footwear has its comeback in different colors and materials and somewhat daring, guaranteeing prominence in the coolest productions. Besides, it moves very well between basic, modern and fashionistas looks like one more shoe for us to abuse versatility.

We have separated for you some inspirations on how to use these shoes that have been winning (again!) The hearts of fashionistas.


For leisure days, bet on a comfortable and basic production: Short fabric and basic women’s blouses make a great combination with clogs, leaving the highlight of the look for the shoes and also for the accessory, be it the women’s bag or the belt.


In productions for work or occasions that require more formality, the tip is to bet on tailoring pieces combined with some trend item, such as midi skirts or Patna court pants that are the best friends of the clog. They make you extremely stylish and comfortable. It is a combo to invest in without the fear of making mistakes. Also, bet on this same product in a clog of neutral color with a classic aspect to give a unique touch and personality.

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On the other hand, care must be taken, as this item has a more informal and fun touch, so, one can also easily make mistakes in the composition when setting up a formal look.


Wear clogs as it girl combining trends in one look. Our bet was to merge an oversized garment (it is a garment that differs from the standard model and is made with larger measures than conventional ones!) And an asymmetrical skirt.

When choosing the clog, dare in the flatform model - the darling of fashionistas. Right bet for the summer!

What Do You Need To Know About This Footwear?

- The clog is a more open type of footwear and the upper part is made of one or more straps that hold the foot, but there is no closure on the heel or ankle. Therefore, the straps must provide stability when walking;

- To feel safer using it, start with models that have wider straps or that are on the highest part of the instep, because this way the shoes are more fixed;

- Clogs are great for travel. You can remove it or exchange it for another one easily.

- Heel without cracks. As the clog is a type of shoe that shows the heels, they need to be up to date, smooth, and without cracks. So take care of your feet with suitable products.

- Avoid wearing clog with socks. The clog for not attaching to the ankle is a shoe that facilitates trips, turns of the foot. Meia makes it more slippery and the floor inelegant. It is not forbidden to wear socks, but be careful if you choose to wear them that way.