When going to the shops you have to bear in mind that not all the clothes that you are going to find are going to fit you the same.

Get the clothes that best suit you the best according to your body. Depending on your morphology and, taking into account a series of premises, the important thing is to find that model with which to find ourselves favoured and comfortable throughout the day

Tips for choosing clothes according to your body

tall Women Tall women 

If you are a tall woman, your allies will be wide, straight-cut pants with a belt at the waist. You can also opt for a skirt with opening and for classic check prints, which enhance your elegance. For the day, flat shoes and at night, heel with ankle strap. It is not advisable to wear dresses with a lot of veil or ruffles.

short women Short women

If you are short, dress in loose, solid-coloured clothes, with high-waisted skirts and pants or empire-cut dresses. We recommend vertical lines (which lengthen the figure) and medium-high heels.

thin women Slim women

Choose light colours and simple lines, horizontal necklines, prints, ruffles, drapes, pants with pockets and low waist. You can use contour garments to add volume to the mid-region. Exaggerated miniskirts, skinny pants, any garment that is too tight, or deep necklines are not recommended, since all they do is highlight your thinness.

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chubby women Plump women

Having a few extra pounds does not mean that you have to dress less attractive. Discard the use of thick fabrics or the point, back pockets, transparencies, shoulder pads and blouses tucked inside. Go for blouses and tunics in solid and dark colours, for baggy models.

In short, what it is about is it about to be beautiful, fashionable, yes, but that favours us and that the garment we wear highlights your beauty.

Choose clothes according to your body

Not all of us have the same body, nor do we all feel the same way the same shapes and cuts. Learn to choose your clothes!

pantsSkinny, flared, straight pants … They won’t suit you if you’re tall or short, thin or curvy. Choose the pants that suit you the best according to your body. We give you the keys to get it right.


Do you love dresses but don’t know what style suits you? If you are short or plump, forget about long dresses and opt for shorts above the knee. Some heels will help you gain height and create endless legs effect. To get the dress right, take your body into account.

skirts Skirts

Long or short skirt, plain or printed, fitted or with volume … Learn what type of skirt, length, shape and colour, suits you according to your curves. Not all skirts suit all women, but a type of skirt does suit every woman.

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shoes Shoes

Footwear also has a styling trick. Some models flatter more than others, and that makes you look more or less tall and slim. Learn to choose the ones that best stylize your figure!

bikinis Bikinis

With summer comes the beach or pool time, and it’s time to put on a bikini! Do you know which model suits you? Take advantage of the sales to get the bikini that best suits you, depending on whether you are taller or shorter, wide or narrow, and colour depending on whether you are whiter or brown with skin and dark or lighter hair.

Lingerie Lingerie

When choosing lingerie, it is about getting with your help to highlight what we like most about our body and hide what we least. Bras, panties, bodysuits … choose the underwear that best suits your curve

Choosing the correct colours in your clothes

flattering colors Colours that flatter

Skin tone is very important when choosing the colours that best enhance your beauty. The effect that a garment of a certain colour produces on brown skin is not the same as on a paler one. Depending on your complexion more or less dark, some shades or others will suit you better.

colors combination Colours that combine

So important with knowing what colour of clothes favours you and enhances your attractiveness is learning to correctly combine the colours of your wardrobe. We give you the keys to get it right!

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