A pillow is a small part of the mattress which supports your head and neck while you sleep. It keeps your head and neck uplifted and therefore you can sleep comfortably.  Using a pillow always has some importance in supporting the intricate structure of the neck, head, hips as well as spine.

We know that according to the structure of the spine, the head never stays at the same level as the back of a human. It is always a bit uplifted and this is why you need a pillow to rest your head. It also keeps the upper body in alignment and releases pressure from the counterbalancing portions of the human body.

Crucial Support to the Spine

People who have some problems with their spine especially have histories of choosing the wrong pillows. It becomes very important for them to rest their head and neck area in proper support and rest. Only sufficient and retrospective sleeps are the two medicines which can heal the problems. Choosing the right pillow is thus very important for everyone.

How Long Should You Use One Pillow?

As you change your dresses, you need to change your too. As you rest your head and neck on it, it also goes through several structural changes. A pillow from Zizzz will cause you the right alignment of your pine and head which is really important for your sleep. You can enjoy your sleep if you are ready to replace your pillows at regular intervals.

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Why Is Changing the Pillow So Important?

While you sleep through the night, the body shades several things like skin cells, hair as well as a hair-oil that you put on your hair. The pillow under your head absorbs them and they will cause some structural changes in it. On the other hand, they will also cause smell and dirt on the pillow and thus you would have to wash it on a regular interval.

Other than that as days will pass by, the oil and the skin cells may attract dust mites which are harmful to skin health. As you will sleep on the pillow, they may get onto your skin and cause you different kinds of diseases. Therefore it is very important to change the pillow at regular intervals.

Not only this, the tiny creatures will apparently cause an increase in the weight of the pillow. This will cause the pillow to lose its potential to support your head and neck while you sleep.

How Do You Understand Replacing Your Pillow?

There are some signs which indicate that the time to replace your pillow has come.

  1. When there will be some noticeable lumps inside the filler materials.
  2. If you see some permanent stains of sweat and oil on the pillow.
  3. When you will be feeling aches and pain in the cervical region after you get up from bed.
  4. While you start sneezing due to the presence of the dust mites.
  5. While you will have to re-fluff the pillow every time you go to bed.
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