Children’s shoes deserve special attention. He needs to provide comfort, better footwear, and security with every step. For this reason, children’s sandals are preferred by boys and girls. With the high summer temperatures, children not only need comfortable shoes but also allow their feet to perspire and children’s sandals are ideal in these situations.

Thinking about it, we gathered some tips for children‘s sandals that will make the boys and girls look more fashionable, check it out!

Meet some models of children’s sandals

Currently, there are numerous models of children‘s sandals that can be used for all styles and occasions. Whether to go to a party or even daily, footwear allows for different combinations.

These sandals are beautiful, isn’t it? It makes you want to take them all! After all, in addition to comfort they also make the look more stylish, we are sure your little one will be delighted!

Children’s Sandal - How to Wear?

The sandal for girls combines comfort, charm, and freshness - the perfect combination to face the hottest days. Besides, it provides versatility and can be used with dresses, jeans, skirts, or overalls. You just need to be creative and abuse combinations.

We have some models that are darling among the girls, which are the following: children’s sandal Pamphilichildren’s sandal barbiechildren’s sandal Grendene.

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Besides, some of our sandals come with gifts to make the fun even more complete. It makes you want to take it with you to make the little ones look even more stylish.

Boys Sandal - How to wear it?

The children’s sandal won the hearts of boys in the summer. After all, in addition to frightening the heat, it also allows the feet to breathe and the movements to be free and without worrying about safety since the sandals have two straps to secure the feet throughout the game.

To make the fun even more complete, the children’s sandal can be accompanied by children’s characters like Spiderman or else the cuteness of the friends of the Paw Patrol. Does your little one like to wear basic sandals in black, blue, or brown? We have for all of them.

For the little ones, the children‘s sandal is the most comfortable shoe to play with and have fun on the hottest days, so the sandal needs to have super malleable materials that encourage healthy body development. At Passarela, you will find models of different characters, colors, and styles, all to leave children with quality shoes, durable, comfortable, and with a beautiful design!