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Chic Appearance with Bohemian Style



Bohemian fashion which is large known as ‘boho chic’ is one of the most trending fashion styles. Many people, especially teenagers, are fond of this style.

They wear this fashion style in any condition, both formal and non-formal. This style is actually inspired by hippie movement in the late 1960s. However, it will not make you look like a hippie at all.

You can find this kind of fashion available in many colors and patterns which are usually characterized with its aesthetic free motion. This style is suitable to be used in the loose clothes such as loose peasant blouses, wide boat-neck shirts, maxi dress, caftans, or boho skirts.

Wearing clothes with bohemian pattern will be more perfect if you also wear a scarf, hat, and other vintage bohemian accessories to adorn your performance.

If you are going to wear a scarf to match with your outfit, you can put on that scarf not only around your neck but you wear it as a headband or belt as well.

A bohemian lace white skirt and a white cloth matched with a bohemian colorful scarf as a headband will make you look sweet and chic. You will look better if you modify your hair like a gypsy and put on a silver bohemian necklace, pendant or bracelet. The scarf is also good to be matched with a loose colorful blouse and a short pant. A vintage watch or bracelet does look good for this outfit.

Hat is also the best accessories to wear out with bohemian style which will give you a stylish look. You can choose a colorful bohemian dress to match with the hat. A chain of bohemian bracelets and sunglasses will make you more lovable. If you do like to wear a dress, you can also wear the loose blouse matched with a high classic boot. This style makes you look relaxed but still stylish. You can also make yourself casual with bohemian outfit and a dark hat. For example, you can put on a black trousers and black tank top covered with a colorful blouse to fit your black hat. A big classic golden necklace can beautify your appearance.

The modified bohemian fashion is suitable to wear in all moments, events and situations. Wearing the bohemian fashion can make you both elegant and stylish. The most important key in this style is your ability to mix and match your clothes to fit the event or moment you are going to have.

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Fashion Ideas

How to dress as a bridesmaid | wedding godmother



Are you going to be the wedding godmother? We give you the style rules to go perfect for the big occasion.

After the bride and groom, the godmother of the wedding plays a very important role and will be the centre of all eyes. The bridesmaids have infinite possibilities when dressing but there are certain rules that they must follow and that is marked by the type of ceremony: day or afternoon, civil or religious … Discretion will be the best ally, the key will be to be elegant and special but without eccentricities.

The bridesmaids are the only ones who in a noon ceremony can choose to go long, in case they choose short the rest of the guests should always go short. In daytime weddings, a colourful headdress or a hat will be the star accessories, as long as it is not too ornate so as not to take the centre off the rest of the outfit. In evening weddings, the designer advises opting for an elegant dress as special as the occasion deserves.

Colours. White is reserved for the bride and all its shades such as light beige that can be confused so as not to overshadow the protagonist. Except for black and white, a pearl grey or silver, turquoise green, lilac, violet or even passion red is suitable. The godmother can choose the colour that suits her best.

Fabrics. For this special occasion, the designer opts for natural fabrics, high-end silks, hand embroidery or French Chantilly lace.

Shapes. Although all shapes are allowed, the anatomy of the godmother must be taken into account to choose the model that best suits her. It is convenient to highlight the parts of which you feel more confident, but following the protocol that does not advise excessive necklines although it does allow, for example, a neckline in the back, as long as it is not exaggerated. A detail that will be taken care of especially in religious weddings at the time of the ceremony, you can wear a somewhat low-cut dress but covered with a jacket or shawl that can be removed at the subsequent party.

Here are some looks to be the perfect godmother at the wedding seen on Pinterest.



look de invitada de boda de

Looks para Bodas, Fiestas o Cenas | 24FAB y #Pamela cris camÓn !

Invitada a Boda*. HA1.1-112

Suited style: Carla Ruiz 2014 | LBV ♥✤ | BeStayBeautiful. Mother of the bride would look stunning in this:

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Fashion Ideas

How to dress to a graduation | outfit for graduation day



How complicated it is to choose the outfit for graduation day. For this reason, we propose some options to go dressed for your graduation.

First of all, congratulations! If you are reading this article it is because you are about to graduate. Finding the perfect outfits for the big day can give you more of a headache.

That is why, below, we show you a list to find the look that best suits your style for this special event.

5 points to consider

  • Whatever your final option, it has to be comfortable. You are going to spend many hours with that look, both at the ceremony and at the after-party. Avoid letting an awkward outfit ruin your celebration.
  • You should not feel disguised. What you wear has to be a true reflection of your personality.
  • Impose your opinion on all the others. We know that mothers and friends always try to help by giving their advice. Thank you for your help but don’t forget that it is you who has the last word.
  • Graduation is not the same as a wedding. It is important to keep it in mind, so you can go neat but not excessively.
  • Try to think long term. Do not select the set based on current trends, only then you will avoid the “why did I wear that” in a few years.

What to wear for a graduation

How complicated it is to choose the outfit for graduation day. For this reason, from Voguemagz we want to help you a little with the selection.

The long dress is a bit more difficult to wear in this type of celebration. Its length makes it much more formal, so pay attention when choosing its accessories or it will seem that you are going to a wedding.

Go for simple, flowing lines or a soft floral print. Another alternative is midi dresses. These are perfect for graduations, as they add elegance without hitting the label.

Long dresses
Long pants are for those who want to be comfortable. Choose your favourite, be it palazzo, straight, suit or darts and add a blouse. If the set is simple enough, include a jewel-like hair accessory and you will give that special touch to the set.

Long pants
The short dress is a safe choice. Being short means that its length is above the knee, not excessively too short. Do not forget that this is an academic celebration and that therefore, you must maintain a certain protocol.

For the same reason, forget all kinds of transparencies and tightness. You can choose between short dresses with flare, straight, with an open back … Find the silhouette that best suits your body.

Another option can be shorted. To achieve an elegant look with this garment, we advise you to combine it with a jacket. If it is too short, wear a shirt that is closed around the neck to visually balance it.

Short dress
Skirt: a choice is to wear a skirt, both in its midi and short version (not excessively), let’s not forget that it’s a political act. The silhouette of the midi skirts could not be more flattering, as well as being a trend.

Midi skirt
Tuxedo: it is a classic, but that does not mean it isn’t current. Combine it with a lace blouse and it will look fantastic. Go ahead with a strong colour, this day is to have fun and have fun. Our favourite? The total look in white, pure elegance. Add an eye-catching accessory and you have a set of 10.

Mono: This trend has been going strong for several years in this type of event and it seems that it does not want to go. The main reason? Its innate elegance and that being a single piece you do not get too many headaches.

Unlike weddings, we recommend that you do not add too pompous belts to the jumpsuits. With this option you must wear a good heel, you will make your legs look very long.


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