Bohemian fashion which is large known as ‘boho chic’ is one of the most trending fashion styles. Many people, especially teenagers, are fond of this style.

They wear this fashion style in any condition, both formal and non-formal. This style is actually inspired by hippie movement in the late 1960s. However, it will not make you look like a hippie at all.

You can find this kind of fashion available in many colors and patterns which are usually characterized with its aesthetic free motion. This style is suitable to be used in the loose clothes such as loose peasant blouses, wide boat-neck shirts, maxi dress, caftans, or boho skirts.

Wearing clothes with bohemian pattern will be more perfect if you also wear a scarf, hat, and other vintage bohemian accessories to adorn your performance.

If you are going to wear a scarf to match with your outfit, you can put on that scarf not only around your neck but you wear it as a headband or belt as well.

A bohemian lace white skirt and a white cloth matched with a bohemian colorful scarf as a headband will make you look sweet and chic. You will look better if you modify your hair like a gypsy and put on a silver bohemian necklace, pendant or bracelet. The scarf is also good to be matched with a loose colorful blouse and a short pant. A vintage watch or bracelet does look good for this outfit.

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Hat is also the best accessories to wear out with bohemian style which will give you a stylish look. You can choose a colorful bohemian dress to match with the hat. A chain of bohemian bracelets and sunglasses will make you more lovable. If you do like to wear a dress, you can also wear the loose blouse matched with a high classic boot. This style makes you look relaxed but still stylish. You can also make yourself casual with bohemian outfit and a dark hat. For example, you can put on a black trousers and black tank top covered with a colorful blouse to fit your black hat. A big classic golden necklace can beautify your appearance.

The modified bohemian fashion is suitable to wear in all moments, events and situations. Wearing the bohemian fashion can make you both elegant and stylish. The most important key in this style is your ability to mix and match your clothes to fit the event or moment you are going to have.