(Kim Kardashian)It’s exceptionally abnormal for Kim Kardashian to wear the same thing once more, indeed we don’t think we’ve seen it for quite a while, apart from her heels obviously. So when we detected her in this dark form of the same dress she wore in white just several days past, by her new most loved brand A.W.A.K.E., we were amazed.

We don’t accuse her, however. Simply look how astonishing the sculptural dress looks on her. The white form unquestionably blew some people’s minds, and this dark one, albeit just marginally more downplayed, is still an unbelievable dress.

She has millions in the bank, the world’s most desired designers on rate dial, and brands essentially tossing free garments at her. But Kim Kardashian has been quietly championing a lesser-known brand amid her time in Paris and because of the truth TV star’s seal of support, it looks set to turn into the following enormous thing. The style symbol, who is right now recuperating from being confronted by a VIP pest on the red carpet, has ventured out in designer name A.W.A.K.E. twice in four days. One of them is in this dazzling sculptural dress.

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So who’s behind this minimal known mark and how did fashion’s finest find it? In an expression: Kanye. The brand, which is really run by Russian designer and Harper’s Bazaar previous fashion executive, Natalia Alaverdian, was found online by Kim’s spouse, Mr. West.

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You may have known her white form of the sculptural dress, but if not, only a concise blueprint of the brand: Natalia Alaverdian, fashion executive for Harper’s Bazaar Russia, propelled the name only two years back. Every accumulation takes its impulse from a kind of “soul” creature, and besides other innovative impacts. Natalia has some expertise in explanation garments pieces which concentrate on complimenting and highlighting the female structure utilizing rich materials, extravagant compositions, and innovative profiles.

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Color is additionally an alternate key component for Natalia, who prepared her eye for publication masterpieces when she was fashion executive at Harper’s Bazaar Russia. This accumulation, harvest time 2014, is motivated by peacocks, subsequently the complicated design. We adore this sculptural shape on Kim, and she is clearly a colossal fanatic of Natalia Alaverdian’s work, so we are certain we’ll see her besides this designer soon!