Shorter men always have it easier when it comes to fashion because most of clothes are made in a taller and bigger size. But on a street fashion scene, your height is not a significant thing among the creativity that is allowed on that kind of scene. But of course there are certain looks that will look better on a shorter guy compared to taller guys. Here are a few tips for casual short men street fashion that you can utilize in your daily life. Whether you want to look dapper or cool, here are the key things that you need to pull off.

Fitting clothes

Most of the style in the street industry isbaggy, drippy, or overgrown because of the urban influence in the scene. But if you really want to look taller, you need to be able to avoid such clothes because it will only make you look shorter. Instead, opt for a more fitting and tight clothing because they will wrap your body and accentuate every single angle of your body. This kind of styling will make you appear taller and even fitter because it will show every little muscle that you have.

Minimal Color

Another important tip in clothing casual short men street fashion is to wear the same color pattern or eve just one color in your overall clothing. By doing that, it will distract your body from the clutter that can be made by the existence of too many color. Wearing the same color will solidify your body shape and of course adding an inch or two. If you want to wear something that is contrasting too each other, make sure that you do a color blocking technique. This technique should be applied in a certain way that really makes you appear taller.

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Vertical stripes

Just like when a curvier man should wear a vertical stripe to make them appear slim, vertical stripes is also a good thing to have in the casual short men street fashion cabinet. The vertical stripes, if applied properly, could give you the illusion of having a longer torso. Not only that, you can look even skinnier if with this kind of clothing style. So if you are both short and also a little bit on the heavier site, you should definitely have a vertical line clothing ready in your closet in case you need to appear a little taller.