Carnival is already among us and we cannot deny that the revelry is contagious. At this time, there is nothing fairer than planning special carnival looks to rock the events, and as there are usually countless possibilities for looks and we often do not know what to use we will help you in this mission! Let’s mention some trends that you can join and still have a stylish look, check it out!

Carnival Makeup for Carnival looks

The make-up for the carnival asks a lot of colors, as well as in looks. Among the best of the moment, are the shades of strong colors, such as pink and green. The colored outline is a trend both inside and outside the blocks. Makes with glitter are also welcome and are never left out of this season, never invest and rock the production!

Female Body

This piece has always been present in several feminine looks, not only during the merrymaking season. With the body, it is possible to combine comfort and style in a single look, without much effort. Bet in cheerful colors like yellow or orange or in metallic tones to give an up look! The combo jeans shorts + women’s body + women‘s sneakers are pure comforts to enjoy the days of revelry without worrying about your movements.

In addition to casual sneakers, you can also invest in a flat sandal with firm zips so you don’t have to worry about your feet’ safety during the party. To enjoy the carnival balls at night, you can bet on a miniskirt or female skirt that goes to the knee and add a cropped, a look that has no mistake and is super comfortable! 

Female Accessories

Women‘s accessories are also part of your carnival look. Earrings, bracelets, and even hats that are personalized and are matching your costume are strong trends for the days of revelry.

Sneakers and colorful bags also make up the look and make it even more fun, without losing style. A great bet on these occasions is the packs that you carry only as much as you need and also don’t miss out on the darling trend of the moment. You can also match the color of your pouch with the color of the blouses you are wearing at the moment, it looks super stylish! Ah, the mini backpacks are also great models to accompany you on the days of merrymaking, in case you want to carry an extra item.

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