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Carnival fashion look in black and red | fashion Carnival



Carnival fashion look in black and red | fashion Carnival

How to get a fashion Carnival to look with a black dress and accessories, you will be the most elegant of the costume party!

If you are one of those who like to go elegant even to a costume party, this is your Carnival look! In black with red accessories, a sophisticated look to become the queen of the Carnival night.

5 keys to a fashionable Carnival look in black and red

1. Black dress. A little black dress can be used for any event, also for Carnival! You just have to bring it to life with the accessories.

carnival look - black dress
2. Bag. For an elegant Carnival look, go for a handbag or clutch. In black, like the dress.

look fashion Carnaval - bag

3. Shoes. To break with the black, go for red patent leather shoes with heels. Very sophisticated!

carnival look - shoes

4. Jewelry. Play with jewellery and add bracelets and earrings with red stones to your look, matching your shoes. Retro and chic.

Carnival look - jewelry

5. And the Carnival mask! It is your key Carnival accessory, you can buy it, make it yourself or make it with makeup and glitter to highlight your eyes, you choose!

carnival look - mask

Trick makeup: Combine your lips red passion to match your shoes. Irresistible!

carnival look - mask

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