Cargo pants were successful in the 90s and 2000s and recently came back with everything. Full of pockets, wider, and with a “skater” feel, the pants inspired by military uniforms were part of the style of almost every girl at that time.

The new cargo pants come with a proposal to serve as jeans, to be used in our day-to-day. Unlike the 90’s modeling, the current position is to be used with more loose blouses. For many, cargo pants were seen as tacky and dated, but they make a triumphant return with their new models and styles.

To help you, we have prepared a mini-guide on how to use cargo pants in your looks. Let’s check it out?

Cargo pants are ideal for casual looks

The play works for occasions like the class in college, picking up children from school, and any program that does not require major productions. To complement, just a t-shirt and a pair of women’s sneakers. It can replace any other model of trousers and the face still redesigns its look with only the detail of the pockets.

The cool thing is that, even with such a simple look. The charges alone bring more fashion information to the look.

High heels leave the sophisticated piece

Do you want to take cargo pants to go out at night? Add a pair of heels to the production. The combination is unusual, but it looks fashionable. How about exchanging sneakers or boots for a pair of pumps?

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The choice elevates the look’s status and makes the position also work in night productions. Striped sandals also play the same role.

Cargo Jeans Jeans

The piece is a novelty that came to win the hearts of womenThe practicality of jeans and the comfort of cargo pants come together in a great piece to assemble beautiful looks and without much effort. For a wild production, combine jeans with a blouse and a sandal with a tie and that’s it: you have a production to accompany you during the day or night.

Extra Tips for using the piece:

· As the pants have pockets either on the thigh or on the hips, they make a volume in these parts that is often unwanted by many women. So look for pants that have smaller, more discreet pockets.

· For those who want to enhance the hips and make the legs thicker this is the ideal piece! Use the position of the pockets to enlarge the regions you want.

· For shorter women the tip is to use pants with heels, as it will lengthen the silhouette a lot. The ideal sandals are those that leave the instep free.

· Blouses with bows or sequins go well with the pants, as it transforms into a more chic piece.

· Using a third open piece, such as a jacket or blazer, helps to stretch due to the vertical lines you create.

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Now that you know more about cargo pants, you can create looks based on our tips. Enjoy and send us there on our social networks, we will love it!