Candy Color Summer Trend: Whether with the name of candy color or pastel tone, one thing is certain: the shades of blue, pink, lilac and even brown elevate the look without losing the soft mood of the hottest season of the moment. These shades are present in several pieces: tailoring, shortsdresses, accessories, women’s bags and are very easy to combine!

The soft tones reflect the light and provide a more fresh and romantic appearance, in addition to leaving the look super feminine. When you know all of this, if you want to include pastel in your daily life, keep reading this post and check out our look tips!

Candy Color Summer Trends in everyday life

For starters, the pink and lilac shades are the most feminine in the palette and are super elegant in tailoring pieces, whether in monochromatic looks or in a composition with neutral clothes such as white or nude.

For the work or leisure environment, these romantic colors are perfect in pieces such as shirtsskirts, and even dresses.

Mix of Tones

The mix of pastel tones can be a great option for those who want to escape the obvious and be stylish! Because they are versatile shades, there are different options for possible combinations that make your look fun and elegant!

Street Style Jeans

If you feel insecure when using these shades, but want to add a touch of femininity to your look, our tip is to mix the pieces with jeans. You still break a bit of romanticism, if you use a white piece together, for example, a white blouse, candy color coat and jeans or jeans, candy shirt and white blazer. This is the street style concept that is gaining more and more space.

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The accessories are also a great option to use candy colors! They can be an alternative for those who just want a touch of color in their look. One of the tips to complete the look with pastel colors is to invest in pieces such as bags and shoes such as women’s sandals and women ‘s slippers that are the face of summer.