Find out what type of bikini top suits you best according to your chest. Enhance your cleavage!
When choosing a bikini, your curves are also important. The shape of the bra and the type of neckline can serve to enhance your bust. Do you want to know the keys to choosing the bikini bra model that suits you? Here we give you some tips!

Bikinis if you have a little chest

Bikini with little chest

  • Choose a bikini with a triangle-shaped top, with a curtain and thin straps tied around the neck to mark the neckline, or you can also afford the band top if you have a firm chest.
  • The gathers, ruffles and ornaments in this area will serve to give you volume.
  • The prints and horizontal stripes of bright colours and shiny make it look like you have more chest.
  • There are models with padding and push up that enhance the chest that will help you achieve the desired effect.

Bikinis if you have a big chest

Bikinis for a lot of chest

  • Choose models with an underwired bra and wide straps that support the chest wall.
  • The sporty style will suit you very well thanks to anatomical designs that fit perfectly to the chest while optically reducing its volume.
  • The Whole swimsuits of dark colour and neckline in V are another successful bet.
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