Are you broad or somewhat chunky? Do you want to stylize your figure and hide weak points like the gut? For the suit to fit like a glove, the top and the suit pants must be consistent with your height and physical complexion. We give you the keys to see yourself better.
If you are a wide man, take into account a series of details to get even more out of the suit. Take note!

Your colours

Color suit

Black, charcoal grey, navy blue, coffee brown. To lengthen the figure, bet on a 2-piece suit with jacket and pants in the same colour.


Woven suit

Choose a fine, dark fabric suit to avoid gaining more volume. Bet on the plain or diplomatic with very fine vertical stripes.

To lengthen the torso

Suit to lengthen the torso

Choose jackets with a classic cut and deep V neckline that shape a slim waist and wide shoulders. Better without a back opening.

  • The jacket should have few buttons, 1 or 2 so as not to draw attention to the belly.
  • The Jaquet type jackets, open at the front from the buttons down and a little longer at the back, will give you some height. The lower end should not exceed the height of the butt.
  • The pointed lapels direct the eye upwards, they will make you appear taller and slimmer. To gain height and refine your waist, make sure the label of the jacket extends to the waistline.
  • It is better not to wear a vest to avoid giving more volume to the body. If you want to wear, choose one in the same fabric and colour palette as the suit, favour a V-neck that starts from the chest to the sternum, without many buttons. If you have a belly, don’t choose vests with a very low neck, they will only stand out more.
  • Pants. To appear taller and slimmer, choose high-waisted suit pants, without pleats or hem at the bottom. The fall of the pants must be straight.
  • And to accompany the suit, choose a shirt darker than the jacket to hide the belly (thin vertical stripes are allowed with a plain tie). To stylize the bottom, choose pants, a slim belt and slightly pointed shoes in the same dark tones.
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