Are you too thin or do you look too long? If you want to see yourself a bit bigger and avoid the pencil shape, you just have to choose the right suit and know how to combine it. We give you the keys.

Slim Men Suits Tips:

Your colours. Avoid wearing a single dark colour (avoid black) and choose a 2 or 3-piece suit (jacket-vest-pants) to give more volume in colours that combine such as grey and light blue or cream and brown.

Fabrics. Somewhat thick fabrics will give you volume. You can leave the classic plain with herringbone, plaid, houndstooth, bird’s eye or tweed patterns.

Choose jackets with small shoulder pads and with many buttons (3 or 4), more closed that hide the shirt more. You can take the bottom button unbuttoned to give some width.

The jackets with a rounded and narrow lapel will slightly broaden your figure.

Short front, long back, and long frack jackets only fit tall, proportionate men with long legs.

Pants. Choose pants with a straight leg or slightly wide at the bottom. Dress pants with darts will add some volume to your legs.

And to accompany the suit. Avoid shirts with vertical lines that will make you slimmer. Choose a shirt with a wide collar, plain in light colours. The cheerful tie, better narrow and tie a wide knot. Choose a matching belt and wide shoes.

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2 possible suit sets for slim men:

Formal: Light grey jacket + grey vest with pattern + bluish or mauve plain shirt + light blue silk tie + belt and black shoes.
Casual: Coffee brown jacket + earth tone vest + cream pants + belt and brown shoes.