We know that trends come and go like the Best Sandals. Some reinvent themselves from time to time, others disappear forever. And some conquer their space and never leave. It is the case of women’s sandals that are practical models and wild cards and won us for their timelessness.

Choosing the ideal model is not always a simple task, especially among sandals that never go out of style.

After all, in addition to the passion that every woman has for this accessory, it is not easy to decide between so many versions, shades, shapes, and heels.

To help you, we have assembled an unmissable selection with timeless models and that match any season, check it out!

1 - Scarpin

An elegant shoe like this could not be off our list, one of the most used models among women for different events, especially formal ones. Besides, the pumps have versions for all tastes, ranging from texture to available colors.

Vizzano models are the most beloved among women and with that little price that we know you love.

2 - Strappy Sandals

The sandal is the coolest version of the pumps and also manages to walk between the formal and stripped styles. They are feminine and elongate the silhouette well. The classic model has a very thin sole and consists of only two straps, one on the ankle and the other next to the toes. There are some variations of this classic sandal, thin heels with a bundled strap, or in lashing.

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The colorful options are also beautiful and full of charm! It is very interesting to combine with a neutral look, leaving attention to the bag and sandals. For those who do not give up comfort, you can opt for the thick heel model that is much more comfortable, and beautiful too!

3 - Rasteirinhas Sandals

One of the most popular shoes among Brazilian women is the Brasileirinhas. Due to their practicality and versatility to include them in everyday looks. This model is not only used to go to the beach because on any hot day you can combine shorts, a denim skirt, or even a dress.

4 - Flatform sandals

There is no mystery to use, it is a sandal that matches almost everything, it just depends on your taste and style. Besides, the flatform sandal is the face of summer: comfortable and fresh. Who wants to start using it, but still has a little fear, the best thing is to invest in models of very neutral sandals. You can compose with looks from day to day or productions for the night. The most minimalist flatforms are simple, almost a slipper! For the perfect look, wear it with overalls or long dresses. Pieces with better modeling, help to refine the silhouette and contrast well with the heavier shoes!