Best Men’s Haircut Designs. When it comes to men’s hair, there is no shortage of innovations in any season. As they tend to be shorter and grow quickly, it is not difficult to opt for a bolder style from time to time. This is even one of the biggest trends in men’s haircuts for the winter: dare and draw attention.

Check out the Best Men’s Haircut Designs

  • Caesar’s Cut
  • Spiky hair
  • Razor stripe
  • Mohawk

1. Caesar’s Cut 

It is possible that you do not know this haircut by that name, since it is so famous and timeless. The nomenclature comes from the locks of the emperor Julius Caesar, who, it is rumored, used them in this way.

To achieve it, you need to shave your hair very low and leave short straight bangs on the top of your forehead, adding a kind of naked fake on the sides and the neck.

2. Spiky hair 

Have you heard that fashion is cyclical and some trends keep coming back? Yes, spiky hair - that creepy style that was very popular in the early 2000s - is back.

The top of the hair is usually taller, while the sides are a little more beaten. The creep occurs from the products placed on the hair, such as an ointment or mousse.

3. Razor stripe 

For those with afro hair, combing the curls with the famous razor streak is what is most popular when it comes to men’s haircuts for the winter. The central idea here is to create very short sidecuts combined with a kind of firm and structured modern Mohawk.

4. Mohawk 

Yea! The mohawk is back on the streets. What a man has not gone through the stage of risking a very modern Mohawk court, is he? To the general delight, they are in fashion and now adapt to hair types.

Curly, curly, or straight: know that you have a space in the middle of the mohawk cut.

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