Halloween comes soon. Let’s get ready for the party!

Halloween itself is a tradition to celebrate the date of October 31st, especially for people in United States of America (USA). This tradition originally came from Ireland, and it was brought by people who moved to North America. Then it becomes the tradition for people in America, especially children who love wearing costumes. Halloween is characterized with scary costumes worn by children who come door to door to ask for candies or chocolate, and say “Trick or treat!” Do you know why they say that? The sentence means a threat for adults in the door, they should give them the candies or they will get bullied by the kids.

Sometimes not only children who wear costumes but also their pets do. They like to dress their pets, especially dogs as human or other things. As Halloween is identical with ghosts and witches, their dogs are well dressed as human beings, such as nurse costume, celebrity costume, movie serial costume, even Disney costume. Here we have idea for best Halloween costumes for your dogs. Check them out!

Dog with Celebrity Costume

We might want to dress our dog as celebrity, as Katy Perry, Marilyn Monroe, and more. As we know that Katy Perry is characterized with colorful hair color and mini dresses, you may love to dress your dog as her. Colorful wig will make your dog look pretty cute. Put heart-shaped glasses to complete its appearance during the Halloween party. Your loving dog will become the center of attention at the party.

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Dog with Nurse Costume

You will need to have extra budget the buy the nurse costume for your beloved pet. It is because you have to buy a small nurse dress for it. Dress your dog as a nurse and put a nurse hat on its head to complete the costume.

Dog with Harry Potter Costume

We recognize that Harry Potter’s story tells us about the story of fictional witches in England. You can use this costume to dress your dog for Halloween celebration. You need a small dark robe to put on your dog’s back. Round-shaped glasses also make the look more perfect as Harry Potter.

Dog with Disney Character Costume

Your beautiful dogs will look perfect with Disney characters costume, such as Rapunzel, Snow White, Princess Jasmine and others. This will be one of the best costumes for your dogs to wear.