It has always been a very well set composed look combining black and white outfit and trimmings. Women mostly have black and white dresses in their closets for any season. For a graceful and urbane look, these two colors are the ideal option fluctuating from a day in the office to night on the town, from dresses to swimsuits. Wearing black white fashion idea can usually allow women to find confidence no matter what their shape and style is. The look of these two counterparts is still same with elegant and wonderful though styles of dress in may have transformed all over the years. Here is how to wear black and white that will flatter your look.

When How to sport

Whether in business meetings, wedding, birthday party, or any other informal or formal event, you can wear these colors at any place or any occasion as they are most elegant color option. Any places including the beach party suits well with this black white fashion idea. You can go to work wearing a black pencil skirt paired with white ruffled blouse plus black pumps, or going to any friends’ retreat or gathering wearing a cute zebra print outfit. To avoid the look like a server at a restaurant, make sure you don’t wear black dress pants and plain white button down shirt without any accessories whatever the event is. Remember to add some elegant accessories if you prefer to wear this combination.

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Balance it with Body Shape

A woman sometimes is allowed to wear the look that’s on fashion frenzy due to her body shape. But, as long as you know how to wear them, any sized figure would look good in this black white fashion idea. You should wear black in areas where you want to look slim as it can give a very slimming appeal. To keep attention away from heavy bottoms, you can wear white on top and black at bottom. Creating an illusion of packed body, you can try sporting black top with snowy patterns like geometric or floral if you’ve a smaller bust.

Unicolor Clothing

Pairing these black white fashion idea doesn’t mean you have to be dramatic. You will look stylish by merely sporting tunic of same color and wear black leggings. Detail with a bit of opposed color trinkets. Add plain black pumps, pearl jewelry, or flats with a little of silver details to praise this look. This will add a kick of style to your unicolor dress.