Bermuda Moletom is a piece that seems to be strict of the sporting style, but that can move between other visual lines very easily. With the arrival of the milder seasons, it is possible to use this item for different occasions.

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Bermuda sweatshirt is the new ally of modern men

Gone are the days when fashion was completely divided. If classic and modern products were not talked about before, today the reality is different. Everything is allowed, just feel comfortable to choose what to wear, putting your well-being first.

See the possibilities of using this piece!

Looks all sport

Create an all sports look to go training or even to wear in your routine. The tip, in this case, is to bet on all items of sports lines. Imagine the following look: t-shirt or tank top + shorts, sweatshirt + sneakers. With this combination, it is impossible not to be comfortable performing the various tasks of a long day.

The best part is that you will be sure to be well dressed, regardless of the occasion.

Casual Fashion

To get out of the sporty footprint a little, but keep the basic line, a great idea is to opt for a nice T-shirt to pair with the shorts and finish off with a sneaker. For days of intense heat, how about a stylish sandal or espadrille?

Mix of styles

For the more daring, nothing better than investing in the trend of the moment: the mix of styles! Make a mix of visual lines and textures. For example, your sweatshirt shorts can form a wonderful look with a dress shirt and a casual shoe.

If you think you will feel good doing the mix, just be creative to dare. If you are still afraid, a good tip to start is to choose pieces of neutral colors, so, however much they are of different styles, there will be a uniformity in the overall result. Worth the experience!

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