Being Stylish with Statement NecklaceStatement necklace is the fashion item that has become the hit these days. You can find that there are many kinds of this necklace that you can find in the market. They consist of many models, styles, colors, and looks. If you intend to purchase this necklace, then it is the time for you to get the change of your wardrobe and get the freedom in fashion.

You do not have to be tied in the strict fashion rules to look glamour. This is the time for you to just be you. You can wear the usual t-shirt combined with the ordinary jeans to become stylish yet be yourself while adding the statement necklace. You should know that no matter how ordinary the wardrobe is, this kind of necklace will make it stand out in the crowd. This necklace, like its name, will speak out your statement.

You should also know that though fashion keeps changing through decades, statement necklace will never be out of date. This necklace can also be matched with any kind of wardrobe. Being hit in 2000s, this necklace now has become a must wear fashion item for most women. It is not only usual women who want to wear it, but also the world celebrities.

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You can easily see the necklace in red carpet being worn by Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, and Whitney Port. When it comes to mix and match, you should also know that this necklace can be chosen based on the current season and still look good. To get the notch look, you can also combine the necklace with a pair of jeans and tee.

There are some tips that you can get to wear statement necklace gorgeously. First, make sure that the necklace should be included as one of the most important parts in your outfit. If you want to wear the other jewelries, opt for the simple jewelry that will not steal the attention of the necklace. If you want to look more stylish, instead of adding the other jewelries, you can wear the fancy shoes. For the color, you should also choose the trendy color to get the excellent visual looking. Last, you should wear the different styles of the necklace based on the look you need to. There are open, high, or low neck lines. Those are the things that you need to know if you want to choose and wear this kind of necklace.