If we are talking about the most happening fashion in the 1980s then we are clearly talking about 80s hip hop fashion. Yes, this fashion was very popular back in those days where lots of bands or singers used this fashion when they were performing.

Without being racist, people that were usually wearing all the dresses that come from this fashion is the black people that currently living in the North America. Although it looks a bit unusual from any other ordinary dresses in that time but it was a worldwide phenomenon for a probably long period of time. We will immediately notice the difference from 80s hip hop fashion with any other fashion with a single look.


The first dresses that were mostly used back in 1980s as the 80s hip hop fashion is the sportswear. Yes, Nike and Adidas did get a huge amount of income in this era where lots of people were using its product to get this hip hop style.

It usually came with an oversized shirts or jackets that were worn with series of bright colors. Nike and Adidas did also an extra income from the sport shoes at that time because when people were wearing oversized sportswear, it must be accompanies with good looking sport shoes.

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Jackets and Pants

The second dresses that were mostly worn as 80s hip hop fashion were the jackets. Yes, these jackets were also sports jackets either it was a baseball jackets or  a basketball jackets.

hip hop jacket and pants

All of them also came with very bright colors with all of the club’s log or motive on the front of the jacket. Pants also something that were different in hip hop style where people usually wore oversized jeans as the main companion with their hip hop dresses.


The next one about 80s hip hop fashion is the accessories. This is also a part of this fashion that clearly differentiate this fashion with other fashion in 1980s. Hip hop style usually have some unqiue accessories such as golden necklaces that were also oversized at that time which were also becoming the signature’s accessories of this fashion. Accessories for the head were also different where in this fashion they usually wore either a headband or a hat with a cap.

In conclusion, some fashions have their own time where 80s hip hop fashion was a fashion that totally ruled in the 1980s with all their unique shirts, pants, and of course accessories.