Discover the highlights that will give movement to your hair and light to your face. They are very natural and you will want to show them off with style.

With the arrival of autumn, many of us look for a look change to give our hair a different look. The sun, the sea and chlorine damaged hair. Therefore, one of the most demanded changes is a good haircut. Right now, the bob cut that influencers already wear on their Instagram profiles triumphs.

But what about colour? The highlights also suffer from summer damage or, if they don’t have them, they can add shine and luminosity to your hair. We present you the balayage trend, the highlights that you will want to wear this fall:

What are the balayage highlights?

Balayage is the colouring technique that is sweeping among the famous. They are very subtle and natural highlights that are applied randomly to create different points of light throughout the hair.

They are not applied from the roots, thus avoiding creating an unsightly effect with hair growth. The result is a very subtle gradient that cannot be achieved with other colouring techniques such as Californian ones.

They are ideal for any type of hair, not only for blonde and brown hair. In fact, more and more brunettes are turning to this technique to give life to their hair and illuminate the face with cold or caramel tones.

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Why do you balayage highlights ?: Advantages

  • Very natural result. If done right, by not dying from the roots, the highlights blend into our natural base. In fact, one of the strengths of this colouring technique is the naturalness of the result.
  • Avoid highlights that are too straight and defined. One of the great dangers of traditional wicks, which are made with silver foil, is that they end up looking streaked and unnatural. With the balayage technique, the highlights are applied superficially at strategic points to give luminosity to the hair and face.
  • Easy maintenance with fewer touch-ups. As they are not applied at the root, they blend with our natural colour and do not need too many touch-ups.
  • Illuminate the face. If done correctly, the highlights should be applied on strategic points of the hair that bring light to the face.
  • It does not rust. Silver foil, which is used to create traditional highlights, causes oxidation and damages the hair. However, as we have already pointed out, these wicks not only do not use silver foil, but they also do not stain the hair, they only perform small and subtle movements to make blurred highlights at strategic points.
  • Avoid over colouring. With other types of colourations, such as California highlights, the lower part of the mane ended up completely discoloured on more than one occasion. Also, to return to your natural colour, you may risk reapplying another dye. With balayage, this does not happen because they blend with the natural colour of the hair.
  • For all hair. As we have already mentioned, they not only look good on blondes or light brown. In fact, one of the latest trends in the application of balayage in cold or caramel tones in brunettes.
  • Gives movement to the mane. The balayage finish brings movement and nuance to the hair.
  • Hide grey hair. When applied at strategic points, they are ideal for covering small grey hair with small, blurred and natural applications that will also add shine to the hair.
  • Ideal for when we want to escape from previous colourations. They are perfect if you want your hair to grow to leave behind a previous colouring.
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