Autumn clothes. The cold days have not yet arrived, but during some hours of the day the temperature dropped and it is in those moments that we need to have that key piece in our wardrobe. We separated 3 pieces that can not be missing in these moments in addition to bringing an extra charm to your production!

Autumn clothes Blazer

The blazer is a classic, neutral piece but with the right combinations, it is possible to bring a certain informality and also make it more modern. In addition, the piece makes your look much more elegant without needing a lot of effort.

An indisputable combination is jeans with a blazer. Depending on the occasion you can combine it with shoes with or without heels that will have no error in production.


The shirts were successful during the summer and in the winter it could not be different. This piece is versatile and goes with every type of style!

Whether for a business meeting or even a more casual outing, women’s shirts can be a great ally in your daily productions. You can even use the piece as a third item in the look, bet!


Be it short or long, it is successful in any season! When the temperature is cooler, using overlay can make a total difference in the look and still keep you warm.

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Some examples are wearing a dress with a long sleeve and a maxi vest (ideally, the vest would be longer than the dress!) Or else wearing a strapless dress with a biker jacket and a knee-length boot. There are countless ways to use the garment in colder seasons without having to retire them in your wardrobe at this time of year.