Acrylic paint on clothes: We at voguemagz would like to give you an answer to the question: “How do you remove acrylic paint from clothing?”. In art, in particular, things can be very impulsive and if you don’t wear a paint smock, a little acrylic paint may get onto your clothes. This happens much more often with the little artists who work with acrylic in school, and the question of how to wash acrylic paint out of clothing keeps coming back to us.

Acrylic paint on clothes tips to remove it

We cannot guarantee that our tips will remove every stain from clothing, but it has often proven to be very helpful. Furthermore, you should always test the color of the clothing on a hidden place for discoloration and compatibility. Because generally caution is required with sensitive clothing. It is also helpful to wash the paint off your clothing immediately, as it is more difficult to remove dried acrylic.

Remove acrylic paint with brush cleaner

Tests the brush cleaner for discoloration on a hidden area of ​​clothing. If everything went well, you can moisten the acrylic paint stain with water. In our shop, you will find acrylic brush cleaners from different brands - all of them are suitable for cleaning clothes. You then carefully apply the brush cleaner of your choice to the stain. After about 15-30 minutes you can wash it out with a little soap and water.

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With artist soap

If the acrylic paint is not yet completely dry, you can wash the stain out of your clothes with special artist soap. The stain is washed out with the soap in warm water until it foams white. You then have to wash out the acrylic paint in your clothing until all pigment residues have dissolved.

With nail polish remover

In some cases, the stain can also be removed with nail polish remover containing acetone. Here, too, you should first test the color of the clothing in a concealed place. Because depending on the type of fabric, acetone can damage clothing. If the stain is quite small and not too tight in the pores of the clothing. Such a nail polish remover can also help.