There are a lot of fashion brands in this fashion world, some have even made it for fame. But some can be considered the best and deserve to be called a high-class fashion brand like St John Fashion.

The example of these high-class fashion brands is Coco Chanel, Armani, Gucci, Versace and many more. But there one more fashion brand or fashion line for the exact that specialized in creating women knitwear, that is St John. Knitwear may usually identify with granny or ancient look, but St John was able to change that into a very stylish fashion style. But there is more than you can learn about St John Fashion, today we will line up some information about St John.

What is St John ?

Before you learn more about St John, it would be nice if you know a little bit about the background of them. So, St John Knit International, INC or more commonly known as St John has been a well-known fashion brand that is specialized in woman’s knitwear.

They mostly know for their classic style fashion design and they are mostly used primary colors for their fashion collections. You can see it from their name the most of their fashion collections are dominated by knitwear. But if you think that knitwear is all about sweater only, then be prepared to surprise. Because St John is certainly more about that.

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History of St John Fashion

Now, let us learn a little bit about St John history. St John was founded by Robbert and Marie Gray in the year 1962, quite a long time ago. At first, St John has an original brand face that is the supermodel Kelly Gray. Who is also the daughter of the founder of St John itself? But then the face was replaced by Gisele Bundchen.
The face of St John was replaced again by one of the most celebrities, Angeline Jolie, who also become the spokeswoman of this brand as well.

Branch Fashion Brands

This brand itself also has several branched brands that are, Evening, Couture, Yellow Label, Caviar, Swim, Accessories, Beauty, and Collections. Whereas each of these fashion brands offering a different kind of fashion collections. For example, the Evening brand is all about evening gowns, formal dresses, cocktail dresses, and such. Whereas the Collections was more about more casual style clothes or work style clothes and so on.