(50′s Fashion for Prom)Prom night for some people probably becomes one of the most important events during their teenage life, especially for girls. This is the time where you can dress up or wearing the most beautiful dress you have, spend a lot of money on your hairdo in a beauty salon, have a complete skin treatment, and all that.

But if you want to look different than the rest of the girls in the prom, then you’ll have to choose a unique selection of dresses. Try something from the past, the 50’s Fashion for example. No, it’s not ancient, it’s Vintage, and vintage is always awesome. So how can you dress in 50’s Fashion for prom?

Choose the Dress (50′s Fashion for Prom)

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Lucky you, the woman’s 50’s Fashion dresses are usually identical with a very flared skirt, even for the casual dresses using a flared skirt is quite normal. So what you need to do is choosing a tube top dress with a flared skirt, you can use the petticoat if you want. But remember, 50’s Fashion dresses usually come with a calf short skirt or at least stopping a few inches above your ankles. It’s a great thing actually because it can help you move around easily. The dress usually doesn’t have too many ornaments, sometime a huge flower or a big ribbon behind the dress is more than enough.

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Now for the most fun part of 50’s Fashion, the hairstyle! There is actually a lot of choice for a 50’s Fashion hairstyle, and they all involve some curls. You don’t have to curl all your hair, sometimes just a little bit of your bangs is more than enough to live up to the 50’s look. Don’t worry, you won’t look ancient, in fact, a lot of celebrities using it on the red carpet! If you want to find inspiration about the hairstyle of 50’s Fashion it will be better if you look at some Pin-Up girls pictures on the internet.


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Another important aspect of 50’s Fashion is accessories. Lucky you, for the 50’s Fashion prom style you don’t need a lot of accessories, but let start with the shoes. For a more formal 50’s Fashion, using a simple stiletto heel is a great choice, match the colors with your dress. For example, if you wear a white dress, then wear a white heel and so on. Another important accessories are a necklace to make your neckless lonely. Using a pearl necklace with a tube top dress is a great choice for a 50’s Fashion.