Wallpaper One of the most enjoyable moments when moving to your new home is the decoration. If you include all the members of your family in the process, we assure you that you will have moments of great happiness and, in addition to that, space will become a true home where everyone collaborates and feels united.

Now that your team is ready to start decorating… Let’s get to work!

5 steps to place your wallpaper

Choosing the right wallpaper.

The best, in this case, is to combine solid colored walls and colorful walls.
Take a look at these design options.

Prepare the wall surface.

The wall must have a smooth surface. If necessary, you can sand the imperfections, or apply putty or resin on the irregular parts. It is important that the wall is free of dust so that the adhesive or glue of the wallpaper will adhere well. If you want to wash the wall, make sure it is dry before placing it.

Cut the wallpaper

Measure the wall and cut the strips of wallpaper to prevent the paper from shifting under its own weight while you are laying it down. To ensure that the wallpaper covers the wall, leave at least 4 inches at each end of the wall.

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Paste the wallpaper

Some papers already have their own adhesive, you just have to remove the protector as it sticks to the wall. It is not recommended to remove the protector completely to prevent it from sticking in unwanted places. If the paper does not have adhesive, any hardware store sells special glue. It is a universal glue, so it will not be a problem to find it.

Stretch the paper

Once pasted on the wall, press the paper against the wall with a smooth cloth to remove air bubbles or cracks in the wall.