Men’s Boots. Some shoes are simply indispensable in anyone’s wardrobe and the men’s boot for everyday life is one of them. However, there are dozens of different models available on the market, and choosing the ideal one to be your wildcard can be challenging. Therefore, the Passarela team separated the five winners when it comes to versatility!

1. Chelsea boot

Chelsea is the classic of the classics when it comes to men’s boots for everyday wear. The model was named after an area in the west of London that gained prominence in the 1950s and 1960s.

Its most striking feature is the elastic on the side, which makes this item quite comfortable to wear for long periods. Many stars in the music world have joined the model, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan.

2. Coturno

It was because of the need for extremely durable clothes that, in the Second World War, the boots were developed, which until today are part of the civilian outfit.

Today, however, they have lost some of their retro air and are increasingly modern and easy to combine. The boots can be used on almost any occasion: walks with friends, night parties, and even at work. If you don’t give up on a modern, casual and elegant look, the men’s boots add a lot of charm to the composition.

3. Monk

The monk boot, despite being a little more formal than the rest of the ones we listed in this article, can still be easily combined during the day to day. Its biggest feature is the buckle on the side.

4. Desert boots

One of the champions in the field of men’s boots for everyday wear, desert boots were created in the 1940s and are malleable, comfortable, usually made of suede and rubber soles. Besides, they have two holes for passing the shoelace.

5. Hiking boots

If you want to bet on casual boots, hiking boots are perfect. They are hiking boots, but excellent for daily use in the city. The most interesting is that this type of item usually lasts for years on end.

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