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5 good reasons to buy custom t-shirts



custom t-shirts

When we talk about personalized t-shirts for a business, be it small or large, you have to take costs into account. If you can save some money much better than not doing it. Therefore, before buying a shirt, you should consider buying 6 or more personalized shirts.

At BodyStuds we make significant discounts depending on the number of advertising shirts stamped with your design. The more you buy the better, the unit price for each of them will be much lower.

Therefore, if you are going to uniform your workers with promotional t-shirts, either for the workplace or for a specific fair or event, you can always do all of them in one order. Even going further and ordering more his and hers shirts than you a priori thought and giving them to customers, which will be a plus to retain them to your brand, one of the main objectives of any business.

Before we talked about lower costs when placing a large order of t-shirts, but other benefits come with ordering more units.

Benefits of large custom t-shirt orders

Let’s move on to see the 6 reasons why buy and print 6 or more promotional t-shirts with your printed logo:

1- More design options for your product

With an order of more than 6 shirts, you will have more options when it comes to customizing the model and design of your shirt. Most of our products do not have a minimum order, but there may be colors or models of some garments that do, so ensuring an order with a few t-shirts will allow you to access the entire range of products, both in t-shirts and sweatshirts. , polo shirts … that you can screen print with the logo and the name of your company, or however you prefer.

2- Lower costs

We have already mentioned it, the more shirts you request in a single order, the less the unit costs will be for the garment and the printing. From a business point of view, it is the most important benefit. Try to accumulate a good number of t-shirts to order, although some you will not use at that time, but surely in the short or medium-term something will occur to you and you will put them to use that benefits the company.

3- Free shipping

With any order placed on our website, you will have guaranteed delivery on the date that we commit to. Usually, these are deliveries in 3 days from the order date with printing included, regardless of the quantity. Although the order is very large, we work hard to reach the indicated date.

But the best of all is that with an order of several t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos or coats you can access free shipping. In this case, our shipments have no cost on orders over 90 euros.

4- Design tests

It is not the same as a small mistake, or that a company is not happy with the design of its personalized t-shirts, in an order of one or two shirts than a large order. Therefore, before finalizing and sending the personalized t-shirts, including printing, we carry out design tests and send them for final approval. The most important thing for us is that as a customer you are happy and satisfied with your t-shirts stamped with your design and that these add a plus to your business.

5- Printing options

With your order of personalized t-shirts for your company, your club, or a bachelor or bachelorette party, you will be able to access different printing and screen printing options of your logo or pattern that you want to put on the t-shirts.

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