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4 Tips to Wear the Feather Trend



World’s greatest fashionistas began feather trend a year ago that keeps on outshiing another fashion propensity not long from now as well.

Feathers decorate outfits, dresses, collars and add some extravagance to adornments, sacks and skirts. They remained for womanliness, high style and tastefulness.

Likewise, feathers are another sort of dressing up, which is the best sort. In the event that sequins are rock peered toward style, and hide is ruthless garishness, feathers are all delicate center exoticism. High-kicking showgirl, yet more Toulouse-¬lautrec than Strictly.

WIN FEATHER fall winter 2014  fashion trends feathers trends

In the first place seen on the catwalks of Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood, Versace and Chanel, the feather trend is currently showing up on the High Street. Process out Zara’s feather sacks, Oasis’ trimmed dresses and Topshop for feather neckbands and hoops. On the other hand, they’re not down to earth however there’s something unashamedly breathtaking about wearing feathers. You’d be hard-pressed to present a viable defense for wearing feathers.

The question is, the way to wear feathers without shouting fowl. The key is to keep whatever remains of your look least with impartial differentiates: think dark coats, white catch downs and unobtrusive frill. Generally, Big Bird will come a-callin’, request his outfit back. Here are a few tips to wear the feather trend without looking like Big Bird :

Avant-Garde Elizabethan Collars - Feather Trend
Tips to Wear the Feather Trend Without Looking Like Big Bird
feather fashion trend

1. Be careful: Feathers lighten out, which can make you look more extensive.

2. Toning it down would be best — stick to only one feathery thing, for example, an announcement jewelry or grip pack.

3. Toughen up frou- frou feathers with denim or calfskin.

4. Stay far from debilitated pink, which will make you look as though you’re on a hen night. Red and blue feathers might be an announcement, however continue everything else plain.

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How to wear white fashion in winter | coldest fashion



The colour of the snow inspires the coldest fashion to face the cold winter. Sign up for the polar look!

Who said white is only for summer? Polar white is also a trend in winter fashion. To cope with the cold, bet on warm, polar or fur fabrics. But do you know how to wear it? Next, we give you the keys to the polar white look for winter.

How to wear polar white in winter

Single colour

A monochrome set in white is a safe bet for an elegant, sophisticated and very bright style. You can also combine white in a harmonious look with nude tones such as beige or pale pink.

White coat

white fashion

With a touch of colour!

Give life to the polar white outfit with accessories in contrasting colours like red, grey, brown … Really white, like black, goes with everything!

white fashion

Fashion looks in polar white to face winter

If you like the polar look this winter, get a knitted dress, pants, sweater, and a long white coat.

Un invierno muy blanco. #WhiteWinter

Vamos a comenzar la semana con un poco de inspiración en color blanco.  Collage Vintage The nothern light Apartment 34 Dust jacket attic Just like sushi  Lolobu Stockholm street style     La cool et chic Se dice que es un color propio del verano, pero también es perfecto para llevar durante estos días fríos ya que ilumina nuestros […]

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Amo el Blanco!!!

Jlo ...fabulosity

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How to dress as a bridesmaid | wedding godmother



Are you going to be the wedding godmother? We give you the style rules to go perfect for the big occasion.

After the bride and groom, the godmother of the wedding plays a very important role and will be the centre of all eyes. The bridesmaids have infinite possibilities when dressing but there are certain rules that they must follow and that is marked by the type of ceremony: day or afternoon, civil or religious … Discretion will be the best ally, the key will be to be elegant and special but without eccentricities.

The bridesmaids are the only ones who in a noon ceremony can choose to go long, in case they choose short the rest of the guests should always go short. In daytime weddings, a colourful headdress or a hat will be the star accessories, as long as it is not too ornate so as not to take the centre off the rest of the outfit. In evening weddings, the designer advises opting for an elegant dress as special as the occasion deserves.

Colours. White is reserved for the bride and all its shades such as light beige that can be confused so as not to overshadow the protagonist. Except for black and white, a pearl grey or silver, turquoise green, lilac, violet or even passion red is suitable. The godmother can choose the colour that suits her best.

Fabrics. For this special occasion, the designer opts for natural fabrics, high-end silks, hand embroidery or French Chantilly lace.

Shapes. Although all shapes are allowed, the anatomy of the godmother must be taken into account to choose the model that best suits her. It is convenient to highlight the parts of which you feel more confident, but following the protocol that does not advise excessive necklines although it does allow, for example, a neckline in the back, as long as it is not exaggerated. A detail that will be taken care of especially in religious weddings at the time of the ceremony, you can wear a somewhat low-cut dress but covered with a jacket or shawl that can be removed at the subsequent party.

Here are some looks to be the perfect godmother at the wedding seen on Pinterest.



look de invitada de boda de

Looks para Bodas, Fiestas o Cenas | 24FAB y #Pamela cris camÓn !

Invitada a Boda*. HA1.1-112

Suited style: Carla Ruiz 2014 | LBV ♥✤ | BeStayBeautiful. Mother of the bride would look stunning in this:

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