Basic black is a wildcard for any woman, isn’t it? It is simply impossible to compete with the versatility that pieces in this color offer to our looks. However, it is also easy to fall into sameness with this type of combination.

Even so, black remains the darling of many, adapting to the most diverse occasions and styles and transmuting between events during the day and also during the night.

1. Play with the proportions of your pieces and lengths

Playing with different proportions and lengths can be the key to making any basic black look even more interesting. Be creative and dare in this regard!

Vale optimizes tip for simple combinations such as shirt sleeve with long blazer mark three quarters or is more daring, using a cropped top with an elongated blazer.

2. Create color dots with accessories

Your clothes can be all black, but you don’t need to include accessories if you don’t want to. Jewelry, scarves, bags, and belts are the great secrets to finish compositions.

The best thing about using basic black is that you can choose any color to work with that look without being afraid of making mistakes in your hand. Green, pink and yellow are great options to create interesting color points and innovate!

3. Invest in different textures with basic black

Silk, twill, paête, linen, plush, knitting… all these are different textures that work very well if used in combination. Instead of using only black and smooth pieces, how about joining some finishes to create an even more special look?

In addition to putting together beautiful and elegant compositions, you will still be innovating and creating new combinations with pieces you already have. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love again with something that was hidden deep in your closet?

4. Bet on transparencies

It may be that, sometimes, looks composed entirely of black pieces become a little heavy. Transparencies come to break this effect, bringing more lightness and points of interest. They can be in blouses, cases, and even skirts.

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