Learn how to make different practical and simple hairstyles to go to class.
In Secrets of girls they propose 4 very easy hairstyles to go to class very easy to do. Dare to go different every day of the week with a new look with semi-updos, bows and braided pigtails.

4 hairstyles to go to class

Hairstyle to go to class 1 Hairstyle 1: Semi-braided updo

Take the hair from the top and divide into three parts to make a 3-strand root braid. You can cross the braid on the outside to make it flatter or cross it on the inside to make it more marked. Once the entire upper part is braided with a rubber band, grab the braid, to cover the rubber, take a lock, wind two fingers and pass the hair between them and hold it with a hairpin.
Hairstyle to go to class Hairstyle 2: Braided
ponytail From the first hairstyle you can take a rubber band and make a second ponytail with all the hair. Take a section of hair, wrap it around the rubber band to cover it, and secure it with bobby pins.
hairstyle to go to class 3 Hairstyle 3: Twisted Bun
Take the entire upper part of the hair and make a ponytail. Grab any loose hair and roll it into a bun. Roll up the ends, take the bun from below and pull it up. Secure the bow with bobby pins.
Peiando to go to classHairstyle 4: Side ponytail with a braided crown
Take the entire part of the side of the hair and fasten it separately with a rubber band. Grab the back and tie a ponytail to the side. With the separated strand, make a 3-strand root braid, adding hair only when crossing inside and outside normal. Roll up to the tip and secure with a small rubber band. Take the braid and wrap it around the knot of the side ponytail, covering the elastic band and holding it with bobby pins.

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