Trends for you to use at the holidays. When December arrives, we always have common get-togethers between friends and family. But, there is always the doubt of what to use on these occasions, and of course, we will help you in this mission.

To make it easier, we will mention three fashion trends for you to stay tuned and use at the end of the year parties and rock the production, check it out!


This fabric fell in the taste of fashionistas on duty, mainly because it is fresh and can be easily inserted into their summer looks. Besides, the fabric leaves the modern look, but it also looks good with more classic cutouts and that does not prevent you from using linen in tailoring pieces, bet! Look at these inspirations that we separated for you:

Above, we show three ways to use the linen fabric: In a dressskirt, and shorts. However, you can go further by betting on tailoring pieces combined with linen pieces, bold and modern!

Invest in Brilho!

Glossy pieces are a great fit for the end of the year parties, whether it’s a simple get-together or not. But, there is a clear rule: if you invest in a complete look with shine, bet on a sandal or other simpler shoes with neutral colors like black or nude. Besides, for the holiday season, the golden glow refers to prosperity, a great tip for betting on the trend!


The tone on tone is already very famous without being in festive seasons, and for you to make it clear what you expect for next year, an excellent bet is the monochromatic looks. Check out these inspirations that we separated for you:

Besides, one of the advantages of wearing monochromatic looks is that it lengthens the silhouette making you look taller, a great tip for investing in this type of look!

At the end of the year parties, go beyond ordinary colors, or if you are afraid to dare, invest in fashionista accessories like a different sneaker like the chunky sneaker.

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