The men’s tank top - that style of sleeveless shirt - is one of the favorite pieces when it comes to the men’s wardrobe. This is because, although casual, they can compose looks with different proposals.

Bet on the men’s race

The Passarela team thought of different ways to use the men’s tank top and transformed it into some tips that may be essential to help at the time of production.

After all, it is much better to have clothes that generate more possibilities of combination and make the routine more practical and stylish. Check it out and make this item even more versatile than it already is!

1. Choose the length strategically

For having a more casual cut without the sleeves, the tank top is a piece that easily composes basic looks. However, length is one of the ways to differentiate the look.

Imagine a proposal with a shorter men’s tank top and shorts. We have a slightly more classic basic style.

Now visualize an oversized proposal, with a long and wide race - the result is much more stripped, isn’t it?

2. Balance the look

The timing of creating combinations can seem challenging. However, the tip for those who are not used to daring is to balance the look with colors and prints.

For example: if you choose a printed tank top, opt for minimalist and monochromatic shorts. If you decide to use shorts with prints or vibrant colors, the trick is to do the reverse, selecting a more basic tank, without details.

That way, it is possible to create a look that complements each other. Remember that if you like proposals with more fashion information, there is no problem in merging prints and patterns. The balancing trick is to provide more practicality to those who do not have so much time to choose or want to make compositions without so much information.

3. Wear shoes and accessories that will direct the style

The shoes and accessories can make all the difference in the look. They direct the style and help to change the look with small details.

Here are two examples:

  • men’s tank top + shorts + slippers = basic casual proposal;
  • men’s tank top + shorts + sneakers or sneakers = casual-chic proposal
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