Who has never bought or won shoes with the correct numbering, but felt that tightness when using? This is quite common and you don’t have to worry and think about switching. The Passarela team brought some tips for Lacquering Shoes at home to help you on this mission of parading around with great comfort!

Practical ways of Lacquering Shoes at Home

Before choosing your preferred option, take into account what you already have at home to facilitate the process. Do not do them all on the same day, but there is no problem in alternating practices to achieve the expected result over time. Let’s start?

1. With thick stocking and dryer

Do you know that thicker sock in your wardrobe? Find it and with it on your feet, put on your shoe. The next step is to use a hairdryer at a high temperature, but taking great care not to burn yourself or damage your shoes.

If you don’t have a thick enough sock, you can make an overlay to ensure the desired effect. When using this stronger layer and putting on your shoes, you will have an effort to lacquer, since the friction will be greater.

The dryer acts as a modeling facilitator. As the high temperature will “soften” your shoes temporarily and your foot will be inside them, the mold will be made in the right way, completely adapting to your body.

This is the best way to lacquer a shoe, as it does not make it wide, but it fits your foot. You can repeat it a few times during the week until you feel comfortable.

2. With newspaper and alcohol

To optimize your time, you can take advantage of the night time to do the lacquering while you sleep.

Moisten newspaper with alcohol, crumple the paper and insert it inside the shoes, so that it is very tight, even forcing the lacquering. The next day, remove the newspaper and put on your shoes as usual.

3. With a water bag

Another way to lacquer shoes at home is to fill a bag with water, tie it tightly to prevent leaks, and insert it in your shoes, adapting the shape. The idea is for the bag to use a little force internally to help expand the internal space.

Then just put each shoe in another bag, wrap it completely, and put it in the freezer when there is no food there. That’s right, in the freezer! That is why the importance of shoes being well protected.

Now just wait for the bag of water to turn to ice and help lacquer your new darlings! After one night, you can remove and put it on.

Remember to clean the freezer, as much as your shoes did not have direct contact with the surface, it is necessary to do the cleaning.

Important day-to-day practices

Now you know how to lacquer shoes with very simple measures, the ideal is to use the way that will best make your shoe comfortable for your feet. A good tip is to use these practices to your advantage and, together with them, put on your shoes daily and walk with them on your feet to help speed up the process.

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