Shoes to wear in all seasons, as well as clothing, should be comfortable and match the weather and climate of that occasion when it will be worn. We know that the time when the feet were merely supporting in the looks is gone and today, the shoes are true protagonists of the look of the ladies.

With the quarantine announcement, our peers were kept in the closet and forced to wear more comfortable shoes at home. However, many people still needed to continue with their routines, and thinking about it, we separated some shoe tips for you to keep the style and still be comfortable at any time of the year, check it out!

Meet the hot shoes!

This new season asks that our looks have warmer, elegant, and comfortable pieces, and of course, with shoes, it couldn’t be different. Check out below, our selection of shoes that cannot be missing in your closet.


These models have regained their space in the women’s wardrobe for some time now, and everything indicates that he won’t be leaving anytime soon. The mule is among the most beloved shoes by fashionistas, both for its comfort and for its style that mixes the classic with the modern and is stripped uniquely.

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As we already said, mules are very versatile and can be used all year round. On a day with lower temperatures, give preference to models made of fabrics or leather, which help keep your feet warmer, even if the model leaves the heel exposed. These shoes can be combined with jeans, especially with the shortest, midi dresses and pleated skirts. At the top, anything goes t-shirts, shirts, knitting blouses, and jackets for the coldest days.

The secret here is to choose the model that best suits your needs. You can bet that you will use it a lot in your next productions.

2)Women’s Boots

The women’s boots bring more style and comfort to your day-to-day. This footwear, like other footwear models, was “borrowed” from the men’s wardrobe and despite this military inspiration, the boots are not limited to a specific style of clothing, being versatile footwear, which can even be combined with romantic looks.

The looks with boots and lighter pieces can bring a different harmony to your visuals. Dresses and long skirts made of fluid fabric make the look very light, which can be broken with heavier shoes and the mix of styles is incredible and you still bring personality to the composition!

3)Chunky sneakers

In recent years, sneakers have gained more and more space within women’s fashion. This time, the model that is parading a lot on the streets is chunky sneakers! Initially, the Balenciaga brand launched the first reinterpretation of the famous chunky sneakers and from there many brands began to enter this new trend. With a very robust sole, many cutouts, volumes, and elements, chunky sneakers have the potential to be the star of any look.

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