Looking back to the old fashions feels really nostalgic, and sometimes you might find them a little bit funny. But there are also a lot of old style fashions that may inspire your look. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people who use old style fashions as reference for their fashion style, including celebrities.

One of the most popular old style that people use as a reference is the 1950’s Men Fashion.

There are a lot of ways you can use 1950’s Men Fashion for everyday use or formal use, today we will give you the tips.

1950’s Men Fashion for Formal Use

There is a lot of kind of 1950’s Men Fashion, let’s start with the formal 1950’s Men Fashion style tips.

1950’s Men Formal Clothing

There are actually quite a lot of variations of men’s formal wear during 1950’s, but they are mostly dominated with a fitted suit. Yes, during that time clothes become fitter, stuff like “cigarette leg” pants are quite popular during that time.

What is Cigarette leg? Cigarette leg is a regular trousers with the narrower lower part which help shaping the leg. Another popular clothes during this era is the Sack Coat shape.

1950’s Men Formal Hairstyle

If you want to look more formal with 1950’s Men Fashion, then you’ll need a little help from the hairstyle.

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In this year, the formal look hairstyle was dominated with a short military cut or clean comb hair, which usually look shinny because of the grease pompadour that were used. Comb all the hair to the back of your head, that’s how you require the look.

1950’s Men Fashion for Casual Use

1950’s Men Fashion is more than just formal look, there is also a more casual use for this fashion.

1950’s Men Casual Clothing

To acquire this bad boy look what you need to do is pay attention of the shirt. A fitted plain short sleeved shirt was very popular during this time, especially if you folded the sleeves. Another popular clothes were the Hawaiian shirts, you can use this Hawaiian shirt alongside the plain white T-shirt.

Using a leather motorcycle jacket is a cool choice as well. Of course don’t forget to fold the sleeve of the shirt. If you want to look a little bit more formal you can use a white shirt complete with suspenders.

1950’s Men Casual Hairstyle

Of course you need to complete this look with the perfect hairstyle. Using a combed back hair like Elvis Presley is a great choice to complete this look.

If you want to add more style you can add a small coffee, hanging in the middle of your forehead. Don’t forget to use grease pompadour.

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