1920 Fashion Men or mostly known as the ‘Great Gatsby’ look, is probably one of the golden era of men’s fashions. In this area you can both look formal as well as casual and still charming.

1920’s is probably has passed for a long ago, but the style will keep living, infact, this style has been reborn as the ‘Vintage Look’. If you are interested in trying this style for you, then today we will give you some tips on how to apply 1920 Fashion Men for modern time.

To achieve the 1920 Fashion Men you need to know what are the 1920’s fashion items that you can still use for a more modern look.


Yes, when we talk about 1920 Fashion Men items, you just can’t forget about suits. But in modern day if you want to use it for an everyday look, then you probably want to use a less formal suits or blazers. You can do this by choosing blazers with material like wool, or cotton.


Or you can also choose to use blazers with more casual colors or patterns. Pattern like small checkered is a great choice for a more casual look.


This can be considered as one of the most popular fashion item for 1920 Fashion Men. Vest usually wears behind a suit for a more formal look. So if you are looking for a formal 1920 Fashion Man look, you can use a vest with a different color than your suits. 

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Gray, and brown is one of the most popular colors in vest, but some pattern like checkered and stripes also quite popular as well. If you want a less formal look, you can ditch the suit and wear it with a white plain button shirt.

1920s Suspender and Bow Tie

Another more simple 1920 Fashion Man looks that still very appropriate to be used in modern time. That is Suspenders and bow tie, you can use these items along with a shirt or button shirts with any colors that you like.

Complete the look with a colorful bow tie for a more modern look, you can use a darker colors if you are wearing a lighter color shirt and the other way around.

1920s Hat

Actually, after the war ended, the hat has been lastly used, this is because men drive more and a hat would be a bother during driving. However, it is still one of the most popular 1920 Fashion Men item that is still appropriate to be used in this modern time.

The most popular hat that you can use for modern day is, fedora, bowler, and of course the newspaper boy hat. These hats will certainly make you look more vintage.