It’s all about little details that never fail, discover 10 perfect gifts for people who love pets!

If you are still thinking about what to give an animal lover, these original ideas are sure to help you make the right decision.

Discover 10 perfect gifts for people who love pets!


The t-shirts of pugs or pugs, kittens … are irresistible for any animal lover! They are also a very practical gift because they are garments that are used a lot, they go with any style (more or less formal) and we can use them practically throughout the year. There are never enough t-shirts!

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Cat t-shirt

Shirt Sweet Kitty: Print T-Shirt and sentence ideal for animal lovers … and fans of the star of the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper series.


It is one of the funniest garments since although apparently, they are unnoticed if we wear an original pattern and know how to combine it correctly with our clothes, they can become the key complement. We can also resort to socks with animal prints to go around the house since they are an essential element, warm and comfortable, ideal for those people who never want to walk around the house.

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Doggy Socks: Who can resist these doggy socks.


A teddy is also an endearing gift for a close person who loves animals, especially if we give him a teddy of his favourite animal or similar to his pet. We advise you to choose a small or medium stuffed animal since a stuffed animal that is too big can have the opposite effect and turn the perfect gift … into the perfect nuisance.

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Mouse plush.

Mouse plush: If the person to whom you are going to give a gift loves small pets and rodents, this mouse plush is sure to be crazy.

4.Posters and paintings

The posters and pictures or illustrations of animals are a good choice for gifts. Choose your favourite animal and find an illustration that suits your style and your room. Posters and animal paintings are a great option for those who like modern decoration, pop art style and at the same time enjoy the most curious illustrations.

Posters and paintings of animals.

Pop Art Animal Paintings: This type of animal prints are a great option for people who like modern decor and always add a touch of colour.


Backpacks are an ideal complement and animal prints (without being ostentatious) can give a cosy touch to our clothes. We recommend that you buy a small backpack to go to the street, since they are more practical and much more comfortable than a bag.

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Pugs backpack.

Pugs or Pugs Print Backpack: This pug print backpack is sure to love that dog-loving person.


The mugs are an original, practical and especially helpful gift since they are an object that everyone uses and that we can find with a multitude of illustrations and phrases, some of the most original! We recommend a mug with a Disney animal character since, in addition to being very beautiful and curious, they are also nostalgic and will make it an ideal gift.

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Lady and the Tramp Mug

Disney Mug: The Lady and the Tramp mug is a classic that will become a guaranteed hit for all nostalgic people.

7.Mobile phone case

Mobile phone cases have become one more complement and you can find all kinds of funny illustrations … some even in 3D! Make sure you choose the right cover for her phone model and look for an illustration of her favourite animal.

We recommend not too big and ostentatious covers, since a very large and bulky cover does not fit in a trouser pocket and forces you to carry a backpack or bag, they are also less practical and it is easier to get tired of them. Silicone covers or rigid covers that cover the sides of the mobile correctly to cushion falls and shocks are the best choices.

Kitten mobile cover.

Kitty phone case: For cat lovers, this kitty cover is sure to be great.

8.Wool hat

The wool hats are perfect complements to complement a look winter.

Hat with ears.

Hat with ears: If the person you are going to give a gift to is an animal lover … a wool hat with cat ears is sure to be a good option.


The stationery items with illustrations are irresistible. Look for diaries, notebooks, pencils, cases, folders … with curious illustrations and you will sweep away your gift, especially if they also include original phrases!

Kittens agenda.

Cats Diary 2019: Start the year with joy with this cat diary!


Blankets with animal prints are always an essential and cosy element to always have on hand in the living room.

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Some super original models are sure to be an amazing gift. If you like this idea, we recommend that you buy a hooded blanket! They are very curious and practical ideal to give at Christmas.

Totoro hooded blanket.

Totoro Hooded Blanket: This Totoro hooded blanket is a hit for the most nostalgic.

What you should never give away

Never give pets, even if the person to whom it is directed likes animals. Having an animal in our care is a great responsibility, and we have to be prepared.

An animal is not an object and it is not given away. If you think that an animal can improve the life of that person, wait until the holidays are over to accompany them to a protector and give shelter to one of the animals that are hoping to find a family.

Why not give pets at Christmas

Why not give pets at Christmas

More than 30% of the animals gifted at Christmas are abandoned or given away months later. Do not contribute to this and do not buy pets.

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Keep in mind that the lives of a small pet (hamsters, rabbits …) are just as important as those of a dog or a cat and that their small size does not mean that they are suitable to give to a child as if they were a toy. On the contrary, a small pet requires detailed needs that only an adult can adequately develop.