Winter Pregnancy Fashion Tips

August 30, 2015Posted by vomagzin Women Clothing

When you are being pregnant, there are a lot of things you have to prepare including the maternity clothes. Some pregnancy women want to look fashionable, but they are confused to choose the right maternity clothes which are suitable for them, because their body changes in many ways, especially their stomachs which are getting bigger and bigger.

It becomes more difficult and more confusing when it comes into winter, because kicking out your wardrobe for a winter pregnancy is the most difficult to do than any other season. You have to find out the suitable clothes to protect you from the breeze and the cooler weather. Here are some tips that might help you to find the best maternity clothes in the winter :

1. Layer your clothes

Winter Pregnancy Fashion Layering Clothes

Layering your clothes is a must to do in cool weather, especially when you’re a mom-to-be and your body isn’t adapting the temperature as efficiently. Layering clothes will keep you warm and make you look fashionable if you do it well. Layering sweater over maternity polo necks is one way to keep you warm and cozy. Wearing blazer over a maternity dress can also make you look chic and protect you from the chill. You can wear your existing blazers during your pregnancy, but you have to keep the button open when your belly and bust start to outgrow.

2. Wear long-line tops

Winter Pregnancy Fashion Wear long-line tops

Wearing long-line tops is also a must during the winter pregnancy. It will not only cover your bump, but also keep the chill from running up your back. Try to find cozy knitwear, coats, or long vests which help you covering your bump and keeping you from the chill. One point that might help you is knitted dress will look best with leggings or tights.

3. Look for comfy boots

Winter Pregnancy Fashion Look for comfy boots

Comfy footwear, especially boots is an essential during the winter pregnancy. Wearing boots is a good way to keep your feet warm, blend it with leggings to make you look cute and chic. Avoid wearing heels, because heels are dangerous and not comfy to be worn during your pregnancy.

4. Try to wear hats and scarves

Winter Pregnancy Fashion Try to wear hats and scarves

Hats and scarves are kinds of accessories which will protect you from chill. Wear bright knitted hats and scarves over black or darks maternity to make you look chic and nice.

5. Look for stylish and suitable bottoms

Winter Pregnancy Fashion stylish and suitable bottoms

Look for maternity pants like coated jeans, leather leggings, or skinny cords to make you look fun and festive. To get extra comfy, you may look for styles with a full stretchy panel.


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